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  1. jpal

    turbo tweak closed????

    I emailed eric couple weeks ago and didn't get a reply,are they are closed down cause of the virus bullshit???
  2. jpal

    popping and backfiring in 4th gear

    so I was able to go for a ride for the first time this year and the car ran good except that it pops and backfires when in fourth gear just off I can cruise at say 55 mph and let off the gas,but when I just push the peddle off idle,if I keep it there it will start to pop and backfire,if...
  3. jpal

    no heat shield or hood pad?

    the guy I bought the car from said he drove it that way for years,but he never really drove it more than 15 miles or so in a looking to take much longer drives and was wondering if the heat from the turbo will damage the paint on the hood?if so,what would be the best route to go,turbo...
  4. jpal

    tr/gn on blue bloods episode

    there is a re-run episode of blue bloods airing tonight at 11 est on ion television on cable.i saw this when it originally aired and almost came out of my chair when I saw it.the name of the episode is called "the devil you know"
  5. jpal

    help with no start tree

    car will crank but will not start,i have spark and fuel the I started down the tree and I am at step 8 and if im reading it correctly im to put 12 volts to term. "c" in the c3 harness and it should light the noid light?it isn't lighting the light ,but it is powering up the fuel...
  6. jpal

    gn write up in hemmings muscle machines mag.

    a buddy of mine who knew I just bought my first gn sent me the January 2019 issue of hemmings muscle machines has a 6 page write up of the evolution of the grand national.being a new owner,i found the article very interesting.
  7. jpal

    motor trend t.v. gnx

    today at noon est. on motor trend t.v.they have a gnx from barret Jackson show in Scottsdale.
  8. jpal

    gn tv shows

    for those of you who get motor trend channel,just watched live,love,wrench they did a brake job on an 87 gn,.on Monday at 9 a.m. est,same channel,they are working on another is called car fix
  9. jpal

    1st time gn owner in upstate ny

    after falling in love with these cars from the day they came out,i finally was able to buy one back in to drive it around a few times before winter set in,she is in the garage now and I am going through things to figure out 32 years of tinkering,up grading some things,and trying to...