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  1. Eticket

    Virgin stage 2 off center 153 needed 4K

    153 is not an off center.
  2. Eticket

    WTB - shortblock

    let me restate the question: are you wanting one to rebuild or are you wanting ”just to get something running”?
  3. Eticket

    WTB - shortblock

    you want a used one or a fresh one? at what level of build?
  4. Eticket

    TTA aftermaket intercooler - who is still making them?

    How different are they from GN intercoolers?
  5. Eticket

    Exhaust, What Is Needed??

    What converter do you have and how are you launching the car? Need to launch with “everything”
  6. Eticket

    4" PST Aluminum Driveshaft for TH400

    Thanks shorter than i need
  7. Eticket

    4" PST Aluminum Driveshaft for TH400

    can you measure the length from ujoint centers?
  8. Eticket

    Classic FAST no start issue

    What’s the whole story.. ils it one day it started and next day it acted up? Or are we talking something that sat for awhile at all? Try unplugging o2 and starting?
  9. Eticket

    Glasstek Fiberglass hood for sale

    Still have hood for sale... I also have two sets of blazer spindles and brake Setups.. pick up or meet up only... $250 for 100% stock set. (I think that’s the going rate) $350 for set coming off my car with drilled and slotted rotors and pads.. only used for like less than 2 miles.. but used...
  10. Eticket

    FAST XFI Sportsman

    module by itself... Ill take $425 shipped... theres other stuff in pics for sale too
  11. Eticket

    FAST XFI Sportsman

    Has harness but i’m using the EGT’s..
  12. Eticket

    FAST XFI Sportsman

    I have the egt module brand new...
  13. Eticket

    Glasstek Fiberglass hood for sale

  14. Eticket

    Glasstek Fiberglass hood for sale

    Has 4 holes for quik latch push type hood pins. nice condition... Can deliver between san antonio and Dfw or San antonio to houston within reason... i'm i san antonio... email me with interest. Thanks John
  15. Eticket

    No Start After Timing Chain Job

    Ok.. this is unclear.. does it start or does it not start? Did you try turning the cam sensor 180 and trying to start it? crank sensor is rarely a problem.
  16. Eticket

    No Start After Timing Chain Job

    are you sure the cam sensor isn't 180 out?
  17. Eticket

    Gen2 Translator with Gen2 Adapter

    Do you need a special chip to use this?
  18. Eticket

    WTB: te44 or te45a

    I have a pt51 which is basically, I think, a te44 with better exhaust wheel if you have interest.
  19. Eticket

    Anybody have fiberglass parts

    Where are you located? I have a bolt on hood and may be trunklid too..
  20. Eticket

    WTB A Roller cam

    how about a 214-210... stock nose type setup.