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  1. lethal231ci

    Sold it, let me know if you see it around...

    Welp...sold my 87 GN a few months ago after owning it for 14 years! Bought it when I was 16, first car I’ve ever owned. Although the GN sat for the last 4.5 years, this one hurts...bad lol....if you ever see this GN for sale again, let me know! Has GNX fender louvers, t-tops, rjc front mount...
  2. lethal231ci

    Cool Desert Nights: Richland, WA

    Cool Desert Nights June 21-24. Tri-Cities, WA. We always have a pretty big turnout for this show! Haven’t done it in 3 years but I’ll be there whether my GN is ready or not. It’s held a short distance from my house so if anyone needs to stop by and do some detailing or whatever else, let me know.
  3. lethal231ci

    AVC GNX Style Dash

    Needs new speedo (never had a needle in this one when I bought the car). Took it out of my GN 12 years ago, been in storage ever since. Other than the speedo not working, everything else worked at the time I took it out. VSS included. Hate to sell it but needs to go to someone that’ll use...
  4. lethal231ci

    Cool Desert Nights

    About that time of the year again...! Nice car show in my hometown and there's always a ton of cars that show up! Not sure if I'll have my GN there this year but I'll be around. We always have a good turnout of Turbo Buick's and I look forward to catching up...
  5. lethal231ci

    Stock Valve Covers

    Stock Valve Covers. Breathers included, like-new condition. $100 obo + Shipping + PayPal.
  6. lethal231ci

    Stock Valve Covers

    Stock valve covers, good condition, oil breathers included (like new). $75 + Shipping + PayPal fees if not sent as gift.
  7. lethal231ci

    3" MAF Pipe/K&N Filter

    USED 3" MAF Pipe from Mark. H @, powder coated silver, might need a longer or curved hose for the turbo inlet side as these hoses are not the ones that came with it. Back side has a rub mark, can't see it when its on the car though. Brand new clamps. K&N Air Filter with little use...
  8. lethal231ci

    Front Cover/Water Pump Bolt Size

    Took off a PTE SLIC, have to replace the bolts where the PTE bracket and their supplied bolts were located, I've searched the site and asked around...need to know what the stock size bolts are for these 2 holes. Used 5/16" x 18 x 5" on the top, not sure about the bottom since it used a spacer...
  9. lethal231ci

    Hydroplane Races

    Any of you NW guys coming to the Tri-Cities for the Columbia Cup this weekend?! One of the few things that go on in this area each year. I know they aren't cars's still speed and horsepower! Always a lot of fun to see these boats get after it on the water...
  10. lethal231ci

    PTE SLIC-Low Use/Mileage

    Just as the title states....PTE Stock Location Intercooler, less than 1500 miles on it, brand new up-pipe last week, and still mounted in my GN. Need gone ASAP. $675 + Shipping. Prefer PayPal.
  11. lethal231ci

    Considering RJC-315 Intercooler

    Just a "feeler" for now...I'm considering the RJC-315-XTF Front Mount Intercooler. I currently have the PTE SLIC, but would like to go front mount. I wouldn't be able to get the RJC Intercooler until A) I sell my PTE SLIC or B) Trade my PTE SLIC for a RJC-315. Anyone have the RJC-315 they are...
  12. lethal231ci

    Tial BOV/PTE SLIC Up-Pipe Combo

    Used Tial 50mm BOV and PTE SLIC Up-Pipe. Selling as is, not going to take BOV off the Up-Pipe. $200 + Shipping.
  13. lethal231ci

    Fuel Rail Fitting

    Have a Kenne Bell fuel pressure gauge (hood mounted) that I'm taking off. The braided line is mounted to the passenger side fuel rail and will need to replace the fitting. What is the correct size of the fitting?
  14. lethal231ci

    42's and chip

    Blue Stripe Delphi/Lucas 42's. Took them off the car when I bought it in 2006/2007. They've been sitting ever since. Red Armstrong chip to go along with. $125 plus shipping. Can send better pictures upon request.
  15. lethal231ci

    Cleaning Out Garage...

    Have a few USED parts that I'm selling. Been sitting in boxes in my garage for 6 years or so; I have no need for them... -Stock MAF Pipe: $25 -Stock Valve Covers w/ breathers: $75 -Belden Premium 8mm Plug Wires, Like New: $25 SOLD -Blue Stripe Injectors with Chip: $125 (both were on my GN when...
  16. lethal231ci

    PTE Intercooler Up-Pipe

    Bought a PTE Stock-Location Intercooler 6-7 years ago and at the time I thought it was a "brilliant" idea to put a Tial 50mm BOV on it. Just one of those things I wish I didn't do to my GN when I was 18-19 years old....No longer want the BOV and would like to have the original PTE 3 inch...
  17. lethal231ci

    Cool Desert Nights in June!

    Posting my annual thread for a very nice car show in my hometown! Last year I didn't have my 87 GN in it because I was having some issues with it, yet again. But we did have a great turn out as usual, and had mostly the same group of Turbo'd Buick guys at the show! There's usually 5-8...
  18. lethal231ci

    Cool Desert Nights

    Cool Desert Nights car show in Richland, WA this weekend. Cruise starts tonight around 6 and the show n' shine is all day tomorrow. Usually have about 1000 cars show up with only a handful of Buick GN's and T-Types. I'm hopefully going to enter my GN, it'll be my 7th year doing so. Having some...
  19. lethal231ci

    Cool Desert Nights in June!

    A GREAT CAR SHOW in Richland, Washington June 21-23. I will have my GN there, as will many others. We usually have 5-8 Turbo Buicks that show up. Last year was the first year in 6 years that I did not put my car in the show, so it is a must for this year! I live in Richland so if anyone has...
  20. lethal231ci

    Engine Problem...Again!

    Car sputters or jerks if under more than 4-5lbs of boost, erratic tach needle that just started. When I turn the car on, the tach needle goes up to 8000rpm and stays there but the engine does not rev that high. Now the car doesn't even turn over, even after I charged the battery. The aspect...