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  1. fitz3820

    Door Hinge Bushings - remove hinges?

    Hello All, Is there a way to replace the door hinge bushings without removing the hinge from the car or the door? The thread that Richard Clark posted in said that you can but I do not see how. I did the driver's side last week I cut the pin but had to unbolt the hinge from the door. and it...
  2. fitz3820

    Just got a 2011 Regal Turbo - problems with door/windows

    Hi All, My wife picked out a 2011 Regal Turbo and we have had it for about 2 weeks, it has 24k miles on it but it had a "Lower and raise passenger window" warning - I did that, now the window does not work using either switch and the "Passenger Door Open" warning comes on, dome light stays on...
  3. fitz3820

    Used Powermaster $225 + Shipping

    Hi All, I have a used Powermaster for sale, unit is a take off from my car in working condition when I changed over to vacuum brakes. Accumulator ball replaced 7 or 8 years ago. Also comes with Kirban's Powermaster troubleshooting book and extra gray brake switch. Lower 48 USA only...
  4. fitz3820

    Ever hear of an alignment shop that does not do Caster/Camber?

    I bought two new tires for my 87 GN and the tire shop (Town Fair Tire in Milford MA) offered a free alignment with any tire purchase. I have just installed G-Body parts tubular upper control arms and 5658 springs in the front so a full alignment is needed. The tire shop only adjusted toe -...
  5. fitz3820

    Tire Clearance with Frame "Front" GTA on rear of GN with 255/50/16

    87 GN, 4 Front GTA rims, no spacers. I have 245s on there now and I can get my hand between the tire and frame in the rear - how close in the fit with the 255s?
  6. fitz3820

    Tubular front control arm torque?

    Hi Brian, I have installed a set of your front upper tubular control arms - is there a specific torque for the nuts on the front and rear? - not the bolts holding it to the frame, the nuts near the grease fitting and the shaft. Thanks! -Mark 87 GN 11.9 @ 115
  7. fitz3820

    G-Body Parts Front Upper Control Arm Torque

    Hi Guys, Recently installed the G Body parts front upper control arms on my 87 GN - is there a specific torque for the nuts on either end of the shaft - not the bolts that attach to the frame, the nuts near the grease fittings on either end of the control arms. Thanks! Mark F. 87 GN 11.9...
  8. fitz3820

    Looking to fix dent in door and replace bumper fillers - best primer/paint?

    Hi guys, Looking to fix a dent in my door and paint new bumper fillers. I need to strip the door to bare metal as the stock lacquer (87 GN) is cracked/checked. Just wanted to know what is the best primer/filler/paint for a driver GN and a DIY job? Thanks in advance. Mark F. 87 GN 11.5...
  9. fitz3820

    WTB: Visor bracket, T-Top, lighted/vanity, passenger side.

    Hello All, Just need the bracket, don't care if the visor itself is trashed Visor bracket, T-Top, lighted/vanity, passenger side. -Mark
  10. fitz3820

    Do all door dew weatherstripping strips leak?

    I have fairly new dew strips on my doors (outside of door, felt stripping that touches the glass). I have the inner door panels off and a bit of water drips inside the door when a hose is spraying (like rain) on the car. Is this normal, is this why they have the drain holes on the bottoms...
  11. fitz3820

    What type of Bass Blockers to get?

    Hi all, I blew my aftermarket 3.5" because I didn't use bass blockers, not sure what I need 800HZ cutoff etc. All help appreciated!
  12. fitz3820

    Some love for the GN in the Det. Free Press

    Neat article on 80's Detroit gems. Praise the cars of the '80s | | Detroit Free Press
  13. fitz3820

    Latest Indy Buick V6 Driver

    She is really quick!!! Well the car doesn't run (yet) I am going to work on it as it is a friend of a friend's. If anyone has buick indy parts let me know.
  14. fitz3820

    Good news from Detroit

    Just got back from a business trip in Detroit. Spoke to a few insiders and there WILL be version of the Charger built off the RWD LX platform. Of course there will be a Hemi. Now the Dodge boys don't have to settle for the Magnum wagon. Look for it in spring '05 as an '06 Chevy is...
  15. fitz3820

    Calculator vs. Phone keypad

    Why are they the opposite of each other? Is it something Ma Bell came up with? Mark F. 87 GN 11.9 @ 115
  16. fitz3820

    Metal in oil filter

    I went to LVD for the BOP day last Saturday, put some good gas in, changed the tires and went to start the car and...serious valvetrain noise:( We thought it was a bad rocker so I pulled the valve cover and swapped in a new set of rockers (thanks Jack Cotton!) The noise was still there...
  17. fitz3820

    BOP day at LVD on Saturday, 9/20

    I was just over on Jack Cotton's BB and he is going to the BOP day at LVD on Saturday. If I get some chores done I am going, hope to see some of you there! Check it out: Mark F. 87 GN 11.9 @ 115
  18. fitz3820

    Vacuum Ball Reservoir

    Does anyone know the part number for the vaccum reservoir ball that is supposed to be on the driver's side fender? Mine is missing and I have vacuum issues messing with the dash vents and cruise control when I hit the gas (low vacuum) TIA Mark F. 87 GN 11.9 @ 115
  19. fitz3820

    Regal dead in 2005

    Hot off the presses... Buick is replacing its mainstay Regal in 2005 — and when it does the new vehicle will get a new, old-fashioned name. The LaCrosse will replace the Regal, according to Automotive News, because GM execs think the new name will better reflect the new car’s vast...
  20. fitz3820

    Power Plate Install - Easy!

    Just installed my powerplate, took less than 20 minutes total and that included drilling the EGR hole. Race Jace made an excellent product and thanks to the board's recommendation of using some M8-1.25 mm X 30 mm bolts I had no stripping problems. Simply undo the intake bolts/studs, the...