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  1. jemook


    Did MBM ever get their new Powermaster system into production? John
  2. jemook

    Powermaster System

    Am having trouble with my powermaster. Didn't someone start making a new version of this system and is it still available? Thanks. John
  3. jemook

    Travel Trailers

    We are looking to buy a 25-28' tongue pull travel trailer. After looking at reviews on 20 different brands (including Airstreams) I have come to the conclusion that there is nothing out there worth buying. Anyone have any input? Thanks. John
  4. jemook


    Does anyone know of a good detailer within a couple hundred miles of/or near Midland, TX? Would appreciate any info. Thanks, John
  5. jemook

    Lifter Question

    I know that this is not exactly the right forum, but I am helping a friend and his son rebuild a mild Chevy 350 with Vortec heads for a pickup. Since he doesn't have much money we're going to put a flat tappet hyd cam (probably a Comp) back in it. My question is; which supplier has good hyd...
  6. jemook

    New Injectors

    I was also looking at the 42# injectors from Eric, but after reading the last post I'm back to looking at the 60#'s. My question is: does anyone make a 60# injector that looks like the stock ones? If not, I guess I'll go with the Seimens. John
  7. jemook

    Differential Refill

    Hi Folks, Does anyone here know how many pints of gear oil are needed to refill the diff. to the correct level with the TA Perf. aluminum cover? Also, has anyone used the Lucas heavy duty high performance 80W-90 dino gear oil? I generally use Valvoline, but came across the Lucas oil today for a...
  8. jemook

    LT1 MAF and new chip

    Hi Guys, I'm going to upgrade my GN to the LT1 maf (as I finally figured out that just can't afford the cost of a FAST system). My car has the old Red's 93 chip. What would be a better replacement, the Extender chip or a Turbotweak? I am not racing the car. Use it only for street and shows. Much...
  9. jemook

    Ford truck owners

    Anyone who owns a newer model Ford pick-up (2004 to 2014 I believe) should be aware that our trucks are being broken into at an alarming rate all over the country. Ford's are pretty easy to break into and a product called the Jimmy Jammer will protect your door locks and tailgate. My sisters...
  10. jemook

    NGK UR5 plugs

    For the NGK UR5 spark plugs recommended for our cars, mine being basically stock and running about 15# of boost.. Is there a particular part number listed other than UR5. I see copper core and the new V-Power advertised. So can anyone give me a good part number and a decent place to buy them...
  11. jemook

    Fuel Pressure Reg.

    Looking for a new fuel pres. reg., preferably adjustable. Tried to find the Holley 512-503-5 but nobody has one. What do y'all suggest? Fuel system is stock except for a 255 Walbro, but is getting upgraded to a better pump, hot wire kit, harness and 60# injectors. I'd very much appreciate any...
  12. jemook

    Looking at a couple new guns

    Hello everyone and HAPPY NEW YEAR. Been doing some pig hunting with my brother in law and am thinking about getting a new rifle and pistol. Looking at the Remington R-25 in .308 and the Remington R1 and Ruger SR1911 in .45 auto for a back up pistol. Anyone have any experience with these. Never...
  13. jemook

    Adjustable PCV Valve

    Just finished reading the article in the new Hemmings Muscle Machines about the M/E Wagner DF-17 adjustable pcv valve. Anybody looked into using this valve. Appears to be a possible cure to the pcv problems with our turbo regals. I'm going to call them tomorrow and ask about an application for...
  14. jemook

    Wheel Widening

    Is there anyone in Texas that does a good job of widening aluminum wheels? I'd appreciate any info. Thanks. John
  15. jemook

    Officially Retired

    Have been retired since 5:00 PM yesterday.:woot: Feels kind of weird though, like it's the weekend or something. I started looking thru my car stuff today, deciding what to do first. Think the headlight kit will be the first thing, from then on it's anybody's guess. My wife thinks I'm gonna...
  16. jemook

    Triple Rice Kill

    So this younger fella who works with me thought his Mitsubishi Turbo Eclipse was faster than the GN. We went twice from a standstill and he lost twice by about 4 lengths, even though I can't get much traction from my old tires. Then he wanted to run from a 25 mph roll. He got me for about 30...
  17. jemook

    Pickup Totaled

    My pickup was totaled today by an inattentive driver in a Ford 1 ton. Got hit from behind while sitting at a stop light and was slammed into the truck in front of me. The guy was going about 50 mph, knocked my truck about 15 feet. Sure is scary watching someone come up roaring up behind you and...
  18. jemook

    Officially Retiring

    Signed up today for my s.s. and will be retiring in April. Now I can start some serious work on the GN and its new garage that I'm building.:happy: John
  19. jemook

    New Toyota I-Force truck

    Not too big of a kill, but still was fun. Cruising in town last night in the T-Type and this Toyota with oversized tires starts blowin' past me. He did the same thing about three times until we hit a light together. Nothing in front of us for a quarter mile. I had pulled about six lengths on him...
  20. jemook


    Does anyone know if RED REGAL T is still selling vacuum brake kits or if not, who is? Thanks, John