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  1. SirVeyor

    Husek 3021 Non Locking Converter For Sale

    I have a Dave Husek 3021 Non-Locking converter for sale. Has four 1/4 mile passes and maybe 10 street miles before I blew a head gasket. Converter is 1 1/2 years old. Replaced due to new engine and new matching converter. Used B&M Trickshift Fluid. See information from...
  2. SirVeyor

    Oil cooler lines

    Need both oil cooler hoses with or without housing. Prefer new or excellent condition. Let me know what you have. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. SirVeyor

    Precision GT 6157 Turbo

    According to Precision Website: GT 6157 Turbo 630 HP Compressor Wheel 2.416" Ind / 3.227" Exd Turbine Wheel 2.555" Ind / 2.227" Exd 76 Trim S-cover, HD Actuator 4" inlet, 2-1/2" outlet On car for approximately 20 1/4 mile passes. Best pass was a 11.2X at 122.XX with a 1.68 60 foot. Mods are...
  4. SirVeyor

    T&D 1.65 Roller Rockers

    Used. Unsure of miles. Bought from Bison 2 years ago and never used. $400 plus shipping. PayPal F&F or you pay fee. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. SirVeyor

    Translator Pro, Bailey 2-step, and Scanmaster for sale. NEW PRICES

    Translator Pro with 80 pound chip $125 shipped took in trade I never used it. Looks in excellent condition. Bailey 2-step in excellent condition. $125 shipped missing 4 screws that hold cover on Scanmaster 2.1 with 2.2 chip never used in excellent condition. $125 shipped All items include...
  6. SirVeyor

    L Bracket from AC compressor to header bolt

    Need the L bracket from AC compressor to header bolt. It's the smaller bracket in the picture above.
  7. SirVeyor


    Thanks Tony. I bought a balancer and flex plate off Tony and it was just as described. Even had the original stickers in the box. Pleasure doing business with you. Couldn't ask for better packing, shipping and communication. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. SirVeyor

    Domenic Frigiglietti

    Just bought some Weld Prostars off Domenic. Packing was great, fast shipping, overall very happy with everything. Can't wait to get them on the car. Thanks Domenic. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. SirVeyor

    Dash Speaker Cover, Dash Chrome Strip, and 87 GN Dash Plaque

    Looking for mint or nos dash speaker cover, dash chrome strip, and GN dash plaque for 87 GN. Thanks
  10. SirVeyor

    Where does this wire from the vss go?

    anyone know where this plug from the vss goes to?
  11. SirVeyor

    MSD DIS-4 with Coil Interface, GNX Style Dash, and Guages

    MSD DIS-4 wtih coil interface...was on the car when I got it and I removed it. I do not know if it is working correctly.............SOLD GNX Style instrument cluster....was on car when I got it and I am going back to a stock style cluster. All guages are VDO and appear to be in very good...
  12. SirVeyor

    Dash 87 GN and other interior parts

    Looking for a dash for an 87 GN. I am also looking for the black plastic behind the instrument cluster as mine was previously cut to install a GNX style guage set. Also, a stock analog cluster, the bezel with passenger side remote mirror and rear window defrost, and the driver's side under...
  13. SirVeyor

    Guage cluster

    Looking for an analog guage cluster for 87 gn. Must be very good to excellent condition. Let me know what you have. I am in Dayton, Ohio area. Also planning to go to BPG on the 2nd so I can pick up there. Thanks. Posted from the TurboBuick.Com mobile app
  14. SirVeyor

    hemi8........smooth transaction

    I bought a set of valve covers off hemi8 (Mike). They were exactly as advertised. Shipping was fast and packing was great. Great communication. I would have no problem recommending hemi8 to anyone on this board or buying from hemi 8 in the future. Thanks, Mike for making this a great purchase.
  15. SirVeyor

    Mobile App Not working for Droids

    Having a problem logging in from my Droid Phone. Says server error occurred. I've checked other apps and this is not a problem there. Any suggestions? Thanks
  16. SirVeyor


    Scott, it was a pleasure doing business with you. Thanks for making this easy. As you can see by my post count and join date, I am fairly new to this board. I'm glad you made one of my first transactions this easy. I would recommend Scott to anyone on here. Thanks again.
  17. SirVeyor

    Dash Wiring

    Looking for the dash wiring from an 87 GN. The person before me attempted to install a GNX style dash and in doing so butchered the dash wiring harness. So I either need an uncut one or really decent one. I am not sure of price so please let me know what you have. Thanks