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    Transmission whine?

    If it does in reverse could be a clogged line and probably bigger trans issues. Does slight pressure on tv cable have any effect on noise?
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    Transmission whine?

    Some higher stall converters may whine but most likely converter bearing going. Trans pressure gauge might take the uncertainty out of transmission having issues
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    Boost Flutter?

    HD actuator is overkill
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    PL datalogs showing bad valve springs?

    Bad maf. Bad pump. Weak alternator
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    Is this compressor/boost surge?

    Bad maf signal could be an issue. What chip you running
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    Is this compressor/boost surge?

    Try going maf less. Ported turbo. Some have had luck with a tornado. You have an air restriction when letting off pedal. Upgraded intercooler probably adding to your problems. Better would help.This surge will shorten turbo life. Destroy maf.turbo seals or turbo. Gradually lifting gas...
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    Engine misses, stumbles, coughs - undriveable

    Check the maf sensor plug wiring. Ecu pins for condition.corrosion.etc. caspers tool setting doesnt always hold true for every car
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    WTF happened here?

    If you can get 6 figures now. Do it.
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    Boost question

    Check your gauge line for leak or possibly gauge itself
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    What’s needed to remove the charcoal canister?

    Why not relocate it outside of engine bay on frame rail. ATR and possibly cottons used to sell relocation kit for inside bay area.
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    HVAC turns off under boost

    Believe check valve is behind coil pack. Is there constant vac on purple line at controller. Disconnect it and check. Then pull other lines at controller and check for vac. Also check canister at left frt wheel well area.
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    No power to inst. light fuse / no alt charge

    If idiot bulb is burnt out. Car will not charge
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    No power to inst. light fuse / no alt charge

    Aldl pin D to grd should light SES wth key on
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    Converter ID

    An ac-14131 is a art carr converter. Not sure what your p/n actually is.Hard to tell lock vs non. Usually furthest splines in that turn with resistance is a lock up.