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  1. Coelacanth

    Help me with car reluctant to shift from 2 - 3

    For the past few seasons, my '86 GN doesn't seem to want to shift properly. On hard acceleration, it really hangs onto the 2 to 3 shift, and does the same thing under normal it doesn't want to make that usual tire-chirping shift. Although the car doesn't see many miles per...
  2. Coelacanth

    Wanted: 3" Stainless Downpipe, internal wastegate

    I'll give this a last shot before I bite the bullet and buy a new one. Does anybody have a 3" stainless downpipe in good condition, that replaces the stock turbo elbow and has an internal wastegate? It would be similar to this one from TA Performance, but RJC Racing and other brands offer a...
  3. Coelacanth

    Billet vacuum block different from stock

    Hi guys, I bought one of the billet vacuum blocks from Kirban Performance, there are 2 kinds: #6796, and the one I chose, #6797. I polished it up really nice from the original machined aluminum finish. #6796 #6797...
  4. Coelacanth

    Can injector upgrade & chip swap change shift behavior?

    I recently upgraded from stock injectors to 60# injectors, and swapped an AXiS chip for stock injectors with a TT 5.7 chip for 60# injectors. Both chips are otherwise the same, 93 octane street chips for stock turbo, 3.5" LS1 MAF. The only difference would be switching to the TT 5.7 chip would...
  5. Coelacanth

    Looking for Power Plate, Knock Gauge

    If you have a Power Plate and/or knock gauge you're not using, let me know. I was planning to buy the plate with a big order from Kirban Performance, but they have none in stock at the moment. As for the gauge, I see them being offered for sale quite often, but they always tend to be sold...
  6. Coelacanth

    What is this mystery part?

    This part was bolted onto the passenger side valve cover, towards the fender, on the forward stud. It doesn't look like it does much, expect maybe spread pressure onto the valve cover lip, maybe?
  7. Coelacanth

    3.5" Turbo Inlet for Stock Turbo

    I keep hearing these exist but have yet to locate one. I'm looking for one that bolts up to the stock turbo, so I can connect my existing 3.5" intake to the stock turbo without needing a 3.5"-to-3" reducer. Anyone have one?
  8. Coelacanth

    One-piece downpipe and test pipe?

    I don't suppose anyone has a one-piece downpipe and test pipe similar to this Kirban Performance item? The manufacturer is back-ordered unfortunately. If yes, contact me asap so I can go through with the rest of my order and not hold up the rest of the work I plan to do this summer. I'd like to...
  9. Coelacanth

    1986 Buick GX1 - Generous, good seller

    I can't really say "seller" because George offered me his unused RJC Racing boost controller for the cost of shipping. I really appreciate the help!
  10. Coelacanth

    black86gn - great seller

    I bought a set of MSD plug wires from Bruce, they arrived and look great. Shipped quickly. Thank you.
  11. Coelacanth

    Problems with fuel injector swap

    I'm replacing my stock injectors with 60# units. I didn't even get my first nut removed before running into a problem. I got the fuel rail return line disconnected and went to unscrew the lock-nut holding down the rear-most vacuum line, but the nut is bit into the bracket really good and I'm at...
  12. Coelacanth

    Body side molding: Riveted or stick-on?

    This just popped up in another topic and it's something I'd be interested to know, too. I personally think cars look cleaner and better without those rubber side moldings on the door and fenders breaking up the smoothness. I'd take mine off in an instant if I could be sure they were just stuck...
  13. Coelacanth

    Kirban 200-R4 Super Servo Kit - Worth it?

    I'll be replacing my transmission filter & fluid this season and while I was down there, I was going to make sure the TV plunger is flush with the bushing when at WOT. While browsing the various GN parts vendors online, I saw this "200-R4 Super Servo Kit" at Kirban Performance. Has anybody used...
  14. Coelacanth

    Enlighten me on my next engine upgrades for this summer

    Hi Guys, The last few seasons, I've upgraded my intake (my own custom-made 3.5" intake with LS1 MAF, the 3.5" tube goes right up to the stock turbo where it reduces to 3"), fuel pump and hotwire kit (see signature), AXiS interface and chip for 93 octane (I'm still running stock 28# injectors)...
  15. Coelacanth

    WTB 60# injectors, TT 5.7 Street chip

    I'd be searching for this stuff in the "Parts For Sale" section but searching that is an exercise in frustration. All I end up doing is searching through pages and pages of search results only to find "sold", "sold", "sold". It's spring and time to throw some money (away) at the GN after...
  16. Coelacanth

    Open connector bugging me

    This connector appears to have an open tube; it's been like this for as long as I've owned the car but it's bugging me. What is it for, and should there be a vacuum line running to it? There is no existing vacuum line anywhere I can see that should be plugged into it. It just doesn't look right...
  17. Coelacanth

    Another summer gone...what engine upgrades for next year?

    Another summer is coming to an end, it always comes too soon for us western Canadians. I was very pleased with all the work I got done on my GN this summer, and did it all myself, which is its own reward. Previously, I replaced the rad and sorted out Powermaster brake accumulator issues. Last...
  18. Coelacanth

    Suggestions for monitoring oil pressure

    What are some suggestions for monitoring oil pressure? It need not be a separate gauge; ideally I'd probably want to feed a transducer signal wire into my ALDL Bluetooth adapter so I can monitor it while driving with my cellphone. Thanks!
  19. Coelacanth

    Some general fusebox & wiring questions

    I finished installing my electric fuel pressure and boost gauges, wiring them in and checking/rechecking, then soldering everything up was not a fun ordeal I want to do often! Anyway, reconnected the negative battery cable, turned the key, and everything is working properly. I guess it helps to...
  20. Coelacanth

    Where to route wires through firewall to interior?

    I've installed an electric boost gauge near the stock MAP sensor on my car and I'm wondering where the best, easiest places are to route the electrical wires through the firewall so I can get at them from the inside under the dash? I could minimize the length of wiring needed if it could go...