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    For Sale: New CP Pistons & Pins

    I have for sale a new set of 6 CP Pistons with pins, for a Buick 4.1. NO Pistons Rings included. Piston specifications are : bore4.01" , dish/depth -.200, pin dia. .94, dome volume -28.64, compression height 1.868", piston weight 562. Price is $525.00 shipped to lower 48 States. I do not...
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    For Sale: NIB Harland Sharp Roller Arms $500

    I have for sale a new set of Harland Sharp roller rockers, part #S60360K, ratio 1.60. Asking price is $500.00 plus additional fee for shipping and insurance. I will only ship to lower 48 states.
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    NIB Front Tubular Upper Control A-Arms 1978-87 GM G-Body

    For Sale: NIB Spohn front tubular upper control A-Arms with Delrin bushings. Color is Gloss Black. Does not come with ball joints. Compatible with stock and drop spindles. Fits 1978 thru 1987 GM G-Body. SKU 755-DELB Asking price $275.00 shipped to lower 48 states. No shipping outside US.
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    Forged # 3.625" Stroker Crank

    I have for sale a new 4140 forged Eagle 3.625" stroker crankshaft, internal balance, part #523136255967. Price is $385.00 shipped to lower 48 states or $345.00 delivered to Buick Nationals, Bowling Green, KY. No PayPal will be accepted.
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    New Dutt Neck

    New,complete Dutt Neck for sale. Price is $85.00 shipped to lower 48 states.
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    New Eagle 4140 Forged 3.625" Stroker Crank

    For sale new Eagle 4140 forged crank, 3.625" stroke. Price is $420.00 shipped to the lower 48 states.
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    Adding DUT to Precision SLIC

    Need your input. I'm considering adding a DUT Neck to my Precision SLIC. Will this modification be worth the added expense? If I do follow thru with this modification, what, if any, improvements in flow and HP will I experience?
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    Which Cam should I Purchase

    I'm in the process of purchasing performance parts for a Buick production 4.1. I have so far purchased a Scat 4340 3.400" stroke crank, CP pistons,5.960" h-beam rods and Harland Sharp 1.6 roller rocker . At this point, I need your input as to what camshaft kit should be considered. Should I...
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    Considering 36mm Font Sway Bar

    Would there be any handling improvement by replacing the factory 1.25" front sway bar with a 36mm hollow bar from a Chevy Camaro Z28?
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    Great Deal Harland Sharp Buick v6 Roller Rocker Arms Assemblies

    Any body in need of new Harland Sharp roller rockers arm assembly for your production heads? I suggest you contact Shannon's Engineering for a super deal. .Located in Storden, MN. 56174 , Call 507-445-3235.. I purchased mine , 1.6 ratio, for less than $517.00 shipped.
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    WTB: Roller Rocker Arms Assembly For Factory Production Heads

    Looking to buy a set of roller rocker arms assembly for Buick v6 factory production heads. Will consider new and used. Let me know what you have.
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    Production 4.1 291 Build

    I plan to build a factory production 4.1 in the near future. Need info regarding which ARP head studs I need to use, when mounting ported production heads to the 4.1 block. Also, which ARP main studs should be used.
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    SMC Water/Alcohol Injection System Plus Extra Parts

    For sale SMC Injection system and extra SMC parts. Interested parties may forward email address for pics. of what I have.. Would like to sell all items as a package deal. Asking $200.00 OBO shipped to lower 48 states. With all the included parts, you could end up with 3 working injection units...
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    Hotchkis GM G-Body 1978-88 Rear lower Trailing Control Arms

    For Sale a set of used rear lower control arms in excellent condition. Part #1301 Black. Hotchkis price is $324.00. My price is $120.00 OBO plus shipping charge. Hardware does not come with the control arms. Trailing arms to be shipped only to lower 48 states. SOLD
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    GM G-Body 1978-88 New UMI Performance Rear Upper Control Arms

    I have for sale a set of new, never mounted UMI Performance rear, upper tubular, non-adjustable control arms. Part is #3016 Black. I purchased from UMI for $129.99. I will sell for $95.00 plus shipping charges to any of the lower 48 states. SOLD
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    Lower 86/87 Intake

    For sale 86/87 Buick Turbo lower intake manifold. Excellent condition. Asking $210.00 shipped to the lower 48 states.
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    New K1 Technologies Buick 6" H-Beam Rods

    For sale: SOLD new K1 Technologies Buick 6" h-beam connecting rods,.BH6000ARLB6-A. Pin .927" Narrow width. Asking $460.00 shipped to lower 48 states,
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    QA1/Edelbrock #5210 Trailing Arm Braces 1978-88 GM G-body

    Like new QA1/Edelbrock #5210 trailing arms braces. Refer to: for specifications and price,. Summit Racing is $129.97. My asking price is $80.00 shipped to lower 48 states. Priced lowered 9/20/2017
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    Buick Skylark GS or Other GM A-Body Owners- Check This Out

    I have for sale, new in box Global West Suspension G-Plus Upper Control Arms. Manufacturer's part # CTA-42A. For 1964-1972 GM A-Bodies. Summit Racing price is $598.75. Interested parties can see picture and detailed information at Asking price...
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    NIB K&N Performance Air Intake System #69-4532TTK

    I have this item advertised in the " For Sale" Section. Check it out. Great buy