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  1. J

    kirbans hydroboost

    hello people: Has any tried the unit he sells? I've been thinking more and more on the conversion. I about ready to make a move.... IBBY
  2. J

    Is my power master done

    Hello people: While driving yesterday my brake light came on and by the time I got home the pedal felt as there was a break in the line. It didn't stop very well. I looked for a break in the lines (no lift) and found nothing. Now the PM is very noisy especially at the lower area where the larger...
  3. J

    Dashboard mounts

    Hello people: how many DB mounting locations are there and were are they? I think the dash is loose and I'm seeing a gap that I never notice before. IBBY
  4. J


    hello people: What RPM does your TB idle at? Mines up and down and rarely the same. Today it was good at about 800 when I pulled up at work. IBBY
  5. J

    hot weather

    hello people; How many from the area driving there TB in this suck ass weather? I have not. I like the cooler weather with my car anyway. IBBY
  6. J

    Blower motor seal

    Hello people : I broke down and got a new BM. But what are you guys using as a seal between the BM and we're it sits? IBBY
  7. J

    tektured paint

    hello people; 86T here. Tell me does your car have TP on the very lower area around the car? Mine does and it's in the body shop and the question came up if it was stock. I said it was. IBBY
  8. J

    window rattle book

    hello people; You know that guide that Kirban sells to fix the rattle window problem? I got it and it's not a book but just sheets of paper stapled together. Any way I missed placed it but is there a video of the window rattle fix out there? It's so nice driving without them rattling. I was out...
  9. J


    hello people; On my aftermarket magnetic oil pan drain plug and on my aftermarket trans. pan drain plug both came with a non metal washer. It might be plastic but I don't think they ever sealed properly meaning they leak. I think I siliconed them in the past but is there a better washer that...
  10. J

    spools fillers

    hello people; Where would you get them on the east coast? IBBY
  11. J

    windshield wiper motor

    hello people; Does your WWM move much when in use? Mine did so I replaced those three bushing (bottom bolt sucks to get to) figuring it would stop. Well it still moves a bit but not as much. I think it's part of the design. Why I did it is my wipers don't settle back in the proper position...
  12. J


    hello people; Is the guy that made alum. rad and a twin fan set up still a vendor here? His company name was like Aralco or something like that that started with an A. IBBY
  13. J

    bla bla

    hello people; I had to get my 86T out of the place I had it stored yesterday. But the bla bla is is the way the car runs after sitting months of being idle... I've said this before but it's nice. Fuel injection really help with this. I disconnected the bat. added a fuel stabilizer and that was...
  14. J

    all season tires

    hello people; I got them on my TB (uniroyal tiger paw) do yous think they got any better? My TB handles pretty well with them and obviously not as good as a summer only tire but not bad. I've got some Michiens on my CRV that's considered all season and there much better than the ones that...
  15. J


    hello people; I got these off Kirban years ago and on my car for a few....Variable rate rear coils. You pay the freight. I live in Mass. IBBY
  16. J

    scan master

    hello people; I know everyone seems to have one but do you really use it as a tool? I just look at my MPH, revs, coolant temp. and that's about it. How do yous use your tool and what changes to your TB did you make to change what the tool said. Another thing with my sunglasses on and my...
  17. J

    cali. duster

    hello people; Do you, have you or thought about using one? I have one and got mine out that's been in my basement. It's a bit smelly but I'm going to try it again. I used it and it's good for keeping pollen and dusty stuff of your paint but as a cleaner I don't know about that. My paint is...
  18. J

    rag joint

    hello people; You know they call the steering shaft joint a rag. Is it suppose to help in vibration ? If done a lot of things to my 86T mostly fairly close together and the jeep steering shaft being one. I feel a vibration that was not there in the past and I think the jeep shaft might be...
  19. J

    oil change

    hello people; If you do your own OC how much do you use. I use the wix oversized filter and add the flat tappet potion. I use 6 qts. but I think it's a bit much. What do use think? IBBY
  20. J

    the little things

    hello people; Here's a little thing I should of done long ago. I've had my scanmaster sitting flat over my radio on that ledge as a lot of others do. I always have to tilt my head to read it. But now I just bent up a pc. of metal so it tilts up a bit and it makes it much better. It's...