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    Whats this 87 worth?

    Lol no offence taken. Id sell it for that much.
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    Whats this 87 worth?

    Its a 61 rag top not graft. Well if you guys want a good gn for a good price and a bunch o spairs id take 10k. This car wont need much to get it back on the road, mostly rubber and some fluid swaps. The transmission was replaced shortly before i stopped driving it. The interrior has been...
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    Whats this 87 worth?

    The paint is shot it's been a couple years since we've cranked it but I'd say it would have to have some of the vacuum lines replaced I think you could get it running and driveable in an hour's time
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    Whats this 87 worth?

    Click the photo and it will take you to a link with the rest of the photos
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    Whats this 87 worth?

    I've got this 87 that I'm not driven in years it's got 55,000 and the clock and the interior is in really good shape I've got a handful of spare parts mainly trim pieces in Basil's along with a under hood liner New Old Stock from GM a trunk kit never installed another Hood a core transmission...
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    gn core price?

    Old timer here, just cleaning up selling some old junk and came across a old Trans from a 87 gn that I removed years ago when it started slipping. What do cores sell for now and where's a good place to get rid of it. I don't want to ship it if I can help it. Roanoke VA here.
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    NSFW GN "art car"

    Girls, cars and body parts: Richard Prince's shallow American dream | Art and design | I dont know if anybodys posted this yet but im speachless, the artical kinda pissed me off to. theres some nudity so its NSFW or kids.
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    looking for a shop near roanoke va

    im hoping you guys could help me out, my gn has been setting for a while and i need a good shop to check it over and tune it up. its got a top end miss that i was chaceing sence before i parked it that i need looked at.
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    paint job cost

    im finally putting the gn back on the road, ive got it running pretty good now and most of the cob webs are cleaned out of it. the paint is SHOT though, the car has 54k miles with a mint interier but the origional paint has not faired as well. its covered with the orange peel / crows foot...
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    vacume issues

    two questions, first off, i replaced the map sensor hard line with a large vacume line, ive still got 15 lbs vac at idle will the larger line affect the boost levels or any thing else? second thing, whats the ball under the D/S apron?
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    vacume issues

    does the map sensor have any thing to do with the boost gauge? it wasent working so i pluged it and the egr valve back up the it worked. can you still get those little lines?
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    vacume issues

    mines a 87, what are those real skinny lines at the passanger side rear of the motor?
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    vacume issues

    ive got a whale of a problem on my hands, every vacume line under my hood is dry rotted and the car runs like crap (been setting for a long time) where can i find some vacume diagrams and can you still get those thin vacume lines and other odd balls that are under the hood?
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    I just stopped a robbery!

    go buy a gun before you do that again, hitting that guy in the knees could have been the last thing you ever swing at.
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    its been a while

    well, just found out my ex is getting married march 31, i guess im not as over her as i thaught i was:(
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    its been a while

    well, things have gotten better, alot better. 2006 about killed me, 2007 is going to be different. as soon as the cars out of the shop im going to try to sell it, im asking 25k if any ones interested;) shes got a 68gt350 mexican block stroked to 347 cubic inches with fordged internals...
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    its been a while

    its been a while sence ive stoped in. life is alot better than it used to be when i left this site, its been about a year sence my breakup with my fiance and its been about the same amount of time sence ive really posted alot on here. i went through a hard time with drinking, i dont really...
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    Any 1911 Fans here?

    my old carry colt and my current carry side arm a p08 luger.
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    so what did you get?

    gew88 and a p08
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    Sage cars

    i sent a t top sage green car to the crusher a few months back. i was given a vintage moonshine runner that my great grand dad owned so instead of having 10 cars in the drive way (15 total) i had to give something up. i striped all the usefull parts and stored them around the house. i figure if...