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  1. Qwk86gn

    Rebuild kit for stock 86/87 turbo

    Can someone confirm this is the correct rebuild kit for a stocker please? Thanks
  2. Qwk86gn

    voltage ?

    I am currently using direct scan on my TR. At a idle my DS reads 12.5 volts and if i check at the back of the alt. it is 14.3. Is this normal or do I have problem? Also on a run the voltage will drop to 11.6 on the DS. Any information would be very helpful , thanks.. I Am using a inverter to...
  3. Qwk86gn

    double pumpers

    Thanks guys, I kinda figured i was going to have to get bigger inj. The 60ft thing is not because of no spool up it because of the tires not hooking up. The te-45a has .82 housing on it to. Convertor is letting the car leave any from 7 to 17lbs boost! That 60 was with old monroe shocks, put new...
  4. Qwk86gn

    double pumpers

    Do you guys think i should add a double pumper to my car? Ran it at the track the other day and the 02v were from 815 to 790's in first and secon gears then in third the o2's drop to 740 & 720 or so. fuel pressure is at 52lbs line off. my combo below. I don't think i should have to run...
  5. Qwk86gn

    turbo 400

    Hey guys, just had my 400 rebuilt and put in the car last night. Put fluid in it this morning and was checking it out but i have no forward gears or reverse. Do any of you have any suggestions? Anything at all would help i'm stumped.:confused:
  6. Qwk86gn

    transmission lines

    Hey guys, Do you think running 3/8 I.D. lines to a cooler would reduce the pressure in the trans? Ever since I have done it I have burnt 2 transmissions.The guy that does my trans don't seem to think it will hurt.I just want some other opinions.Thanks....