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  1. Buickturbo85

    4th Gen Fbody Hybrid Swap Frame Mounts/HR partsnstuff TTA mounts

    Anyone thinking about doing a GN engine swap into a 4th Gen Firebird/Camaro? 1 set of SKTurbo frame mounts 1 set of HRpartsnstuff TTA motor mounts Mounting hardware included. All brand new in the box. SKTurbo is/was Steve Kaminski, I recall him doing many 4th-gen hybrids years ago. Frame...
  2. Buickturbo85

    Precision Front Mount

    Precision FMIC for sale. Core and lower portion of pipes have been lightly coated in black for a more stealthy appearance. The black is flaking in spots and could easily be stripped if you prefer the natural aluminum look. There are some dings in the pipes, but nothing that could stop the car...
  3. Buickturbo85

    BGC Intake, Accufab TB, 84lb Injectors, RJC plate, billet rails combo

    For sale is my BGC intake. Setup includes: BGC Intake BGC plenum 70mm Accufab TB RJC 1" Power plate SOLD Billet rails 84lb injectors Angled IAC adaptor Vac block TPS sensor IAC sensor Fuel pressure regulator T-stat outlet, S-hose, etc The only issue is the rear passenger fuel rail bolt hole has...
  4. Buickturbo85

    Holden Intake 3800 Series II

    Anyone looking to do a Series II in their turbo Buick? I've got a complete upper and lower Holden intake for sale. Everything is there: Upper, lower, injectors, fuel rail, fuel lines, throttle body, water neck, sensors, etc. $425 shipped. Local pickup near Cincinnati OH is welcome.
  5. Buickturbo85

    Cam question with pics

    Would you be afraid to run this cam? This journal has more wear marks than the others. If you try real hard, you can just catch one of the grooves with your fingernail. Any input would be appreciated.
  6. Buickturbo85

    ATR 3" Single Shot Exhaust

    I have an ATR Single Shot Exhaust for sale. Great shape. Previous owner sprayed the tailpipe matte black; this could of course be removed if you'd like. If you know these cars, you know this is one of the best sounding exhausts made for them. $400 Local pickup preferred, but will ship at your...
  7. Buickturbo85

    Big Mouth Cold Air, Driveshaft Loop, Hold-down License Plate

    Older style Big Mouth Cold Air Kit with 4" pipes. Includes the MAF pipe. This is Chrome-plated steel, I don't think this is offered any more. Bought it second-hand, never used it. I'm really don't think that it was ever used. Looks like new. $250 shipped. Driveshaft safety loop. I have the...
  8. Buickturbo85

    86 T-type roller, 2 owner, rollbar and TONS of extras $8800

    Up for sale is my 86 T-type that I bought from the original owner in 2004. Car spent its life in TX before coming to me in OH. I have put a whopping 3100 miles on it since. I never drove it in the rain or snow, has been garage kept the whole time. Mileage is at 133100. There are NO DENTS OR...
  9. Buickturbo85

    Looking for M&A head

    Like title says, looking for M&A heads. 8 bolt. LMK what you have.
  10. Buickturbo85

    External fuel pump question

    Having an issue with my external pump, would like some feedback on it. Besides the fact that it's obnoxiously loud, it never keeps pressure in the lines after the car is shut off. I have large braided lines front to back, and it won't pressurize them on the first prime. I always have to prime...
  11. Buickturbo85

    Stock T Wheels with center caps, nice shape $225

    I've got a set of Stock T-type wheels in good shape, I doubt I'll ever use these. Comes with 4 center caps. $225 pickup preferred, items located near Cincinnati OH. If no local interest, I will ship at buyer's cost.
  12. Buickturbo85

    4th Gen Firebird Swap

    Who do I contact for info/parts for doing a 4th gen hybrid? I've contacted several people I've seen on here who I thought had experience with these, but have gotten no response. I'd like to make this as easy as possible and would like to line up a trans crossmember, K-member, DP etc. Is there...
  13. Buickturbo85

    Bowling Green plenum vs. stock plenum question

    I'm looking to order a .5" spacer for my BGC plenum. The spacers are for "stock-style" plenums. My question is, does the BGC plenum have the same bolt pattern as a stocker? I assumed they were the same, don't know why they would be different, but wanted to check. I have both the BGC plenum and...
  14. Buickturbo85

    GNXJohn great to do business with!

    Just wanted to publicly state that dealing with GNXJohn was great. I bought a complete drivetrain sight unseen from the guy. He packaged it securely and got it on the truck for me. It was picked up Monday and came in early Tuesday morning. Everything looks good and clean and is just as...
  15. Buickturbo85

    14" K&N Filter with 4" opening

    I've got a used 14" K&N with 4" opening. This filter is HUGE. It's in perfect shape with one small spot where it rubbed something on my car. I think these go on ebay for $50 plus shipping. Will sell mine for $35 shipped.
  16. Buickturbo85

    4" BWR Inlet Pipe with Filter, Brand New

    Selling my brand new BWR inlet pipe. Going a different route and am not going to use. This is 4" aluminum and comes with the filter, coupler, and clamps. Never installed, cost me $175 shipped. Has some scratches in the paint from shipment. I was a little disappointed when it arrived, as it was...
  17. Buickturbo85

    Complete engine/drivetrain

    I'm looking for a reasonably priced, complete 86-87 engine with or w/o trans. I don't expect it to be given away, but I am not in urgent need of one so will not pay an exorbitant price. I need it to be complete with all sensors, wiring harness, accessories, etc. I don't want to have to track...
  18. Buickturbo85

    Kenne Bell Ram Air Dam, Norwalk Delivery

    Let me start off by saying this piece is rough and very dusty/dirty. I wiped it off just enough to show any damage. This is a Kenne Bell 1 piece ram air dam with dual scoops. It includes the flexible ducting. The inner part of the scoop has been notched, I'm guessing it was to clear intercooler...
  19. Buickturbo85

    Aerospace fronts, how to route braided lines?

    This seems like a basic question, but I want to ask so I don't screw this up. On my Aerospace front brakes, I'm not sure how to route or secure the brake lines so they don't rub anything. No matter how I position the line, it will contact either the spindle or the sway bar link at some point in...
  20. Buickturbo85

    Ball joint torque spec

    Why can I not find this? I have searched and searched. Does anyone know the ball joint torque specs?