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  1. markboss


    Anybody sell new a/c lines for the 86-87 GN's.. Need a good set!
  2. markboss

    Needed 86 GN a/c lines

    I need a nice set of a/c lines from Compressor across radiator to firewall.. let me know what you have..ship to 32822
  3. markboss

    58 mile GNX for Sale...

    My friend has this car on ebay..
  4. markboss

    Ford 3.8 based on Buick 3.8....
  5. markboss

    No acc power to radio?

    Problem with CSII radio, display failed, tried to replace wth another CS/II radio/equalizer...while troubleshooting, may have somehow burnt a wire.. Seems all fuses are good, power to cig lighter, interior lights, power locks, windows, wipers etc Only problem is power to red ACC power wire to...
  6. markboss

    Buddy Ingersoll ill!! Helped pave the way for Turbo cars...
  7. markboss

    VDO Vision Tac 333-155..

    Getting ready to install an AVC GNX dash....switched out the VDO cockpit speedo, and tach...for VDO Vision Speedo, and tach.. Wired(to alternator green lead) as the directions said, and tach will not respond...The Vision cockpit tach works perfect, and I talked to a VDO rep Monday before I...
  8. markboss

    Jim Solomons death..

    Jim Solomons obit: Sheriff's Office spokesman Jim Solomons dead at 59 - Many of us knew him as a Buick GN/Turbo t/a owner....he will be missed
  9. markboss

    No fuel pump ses light

    Driving last night,,,came to a stop, and the 86 GN died....had it towed home.. checked ecm, fuel/inj fuses, replaced ecm, ecm has power and ground appears to be good... Still no SES light, or fuel pump run...applied 12v to fuel pump direct wire behind alternator, still no fuel pump run...
  10. markboss

    Cars Needed in Orlando...

    I am posting this for the Buick owners who may be interested... in this event....I am forwarding this to you and your group for consideration, as it was posted on the Musclecarfloridaforum.. Sign In to MUSCLE & CLASSIC CAR NETWORK - MUSCLE & CLASSIC CAR NETWORK One of the members...
  11. markboss

    87Regal3.8SFI positive!!

    Purchased a used Turbo Tweak chip, great communication, and fast shipping, great to conduct business with...AAA+++
  12. markboss

    Hooter's Waterford tonight!! Friday

    Hooter's on Lake Underhill, is hosting the Warm Up party fot the FunFord Weekend, Battle of the Brands....All makes welcome... A burn out contest will be held!!! Mark
  13. markboss

    WTB..Stock heads

    Looking for a pair of stock "8445" heads..for rebuild...anybody got a set they do not need...near Orlando... Mark 86 Buick GN since new.... 407 381-5967
  14. markboss

    Need a Trunk Lid...

    I need a rust free trunk lid.....anybody in Orlando have one.... Having the 86 GN painted.... Mark 407 381-5967
  15. markboss

    Kirban's power window upgrade

    Just bought the wiring upgrade from Kirban,,,I have read the directions, and cannot find the Pink wire with the black connector, under the driver's instrument panel... where the kit installs....I have the instructions, and I am a serious car dude.......I own a 67 Shelby, and a Boss 302,,,,,and...