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  1. TylerDurden

    MSD 50s

    Set of 6 MSD 50 lb inj, came out of car that sat for about 5 years, am pretty sure they need to be cleaned to work, make offer, and let me know zip so I can figure shipping cost.
  2. TylerDurden

    Fuel pump priming issue

    Background, I have been trying to chase this down for over 8 years. It started out as the car died while driving one night. Towed it home and attempted to trouble shoot. (its been so long i dont remember what that entailed). Since then I have replaced the pump, walbro 340, I replaced the...
  3. TylerDurden

    twin scroll?

    At tonite's tech session at Nationals, someone mentioned twin scroll turbos. I did a quick search online and found a couple sites that talk a little about it, is this something that us as buick guys can benefit from? Also is this technology on par with what ball bearing turbos were 5 years...
  4. TylerDurden

    new bests

    dyno'd the car today for free :) no real tuning, but got 2 runs on race gas and tune 403 hp 459 tq 26psi on 118 octane with no knock
  5. TylerDurden

    Pics of my rims...

    MAN I LOVE THIS PIC (above) this one speaks for itself...... plan is to eventually powdercoat the lug nuts and paint the wheel weights...
  6. TylerDurden

    Late OD shift

    Last year I bought a street/strip trans from one of the communities reputable trans guys. After installing with a 3k stall vig, it was night and day from my worn stock trans. The only issue was a late OD shift during normal driving, in the realm of 55 mph and I have to fully let off the gas to...
  7. TylerDurden

    new best times

    8th mile track nice cool dry weather 7.49 ET prev was 7.74 92.2 mph, prev was 91.2 1.64 60ft prev was 1.70 26psi boost with 36* timing in first gear 714 o2's with no knock.... there's probable more in it by turning down FP i cant raise the boost any higher, stock WG actuator is...
  8. TylerDurden

    new shoes with this rubber on it... i post up pics of the finished product when...
  9. TylerDurden


  10. TylerDurden

    Twin "Charging"

    check this out....its a GTP....
  11. TylerDurden

    New Personal Best tonite

    I run at the local 8th mile track, and last season I attempted to be competitive in the 7.50 heads up pro tree class, but could only muster a best of 7.74@89..... so this winter i went from blue tops to msd 50's, LT1 Maf and trans, and updated JC "Xplode" race chip (unGodly timing!) well...
  12. TylerDurden

    possible future purchace any thoughts welcome from current boaters a year ago the wife and i went to a boat show and saw alot of boats and talked with a few dealers....we knew we couldnt afford one right then but promised ourselves "in a year"...
  13. TylerDurden

    Coin Collecting

    Anyone on here into this? My inlaws just found out they have some coins, and silver dollar "notes" that may be worth some significant money. I have sifted thru a few online sites, and bought a couple books (havent really read thru them yet) but I was wondering if there are any really good...
  14. TylerDurden

    MAF trans question

    I do apologize if this has been covered (actually it has been) but the searching/info I have found is not clear on this answer. If you use a translator (not plus) with the LT1 maf and do NOT use an extender the idle and wot settings work within the trans itself? ie can i add fuel...
  15. TylerDurden

    Orig Blue tops w/ Chips

    Original style blue top injectors (6) 36lb NOT 868's! I bought them with 20k miles (or so was told) and I put 10-15k on them. Dyno'd 331/400 at 19psi with 93 octane (18* chip) and ran 12.17@112 at 23psi and 28* timing chip. All this with a TE44 and homemade frontmount. After...
  16. TylerDurden

    string of bad luck

    Earlier this winter (as much as florida can have a winter) I began my msd 50 lb inj swap...the swap went fine right up until I went to attach the fuel return line to the FPR...nope x-threaded thats not a cheap part (even used) so i get the part and realize its going to be (and was) a...
  17. TylerDurden

    Fuel Return Line swap

    I managed to cross thread my return line from the FPR and need to swap it out with a good one, problem is, I cant see how I am suppose to do this without taking off the alt and power steering hardware, I have all the wiring harness stuff out of the way, and vac block lines as well, but it will...
  18. TylerDurden

    Weld draglite question

    I know this may sound stupid, but can you take a 4.5" BS wheel and turn it around to use on a buick safely? I am looking to purchace a pair of DL's cheap, and have them powdercoated, so I am not worried about the condition/looks of the inside of the wheels. Only issue I can think of off...
  19. TylerDurden

    Mike McCoy

    GREAT guy to deal with, prompt shipping, quick email replies....
  20. TylerDurden

    Home Electrical Guru's OR Cable (internet) Guru's

    Here's another good one, to join my home AC issues I run a laptop and cable modem setup for the internet...... yesterday morning my internet was not working, cable light on the cable modem was just blinking (weak or no cable signal) i let it go for a few hours before calling i...