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    Misc smalls and a couple larger items. Check it out

    Cleaning up a bit and selling extras. If Interested just Call or TEXT me(4109915281) and I will gladly send as many pics of items you want, my internet service sucks and I would be here for weeks trying to upload pics of everything. All prices are shipped unless stated otherwise. Can pickup any...
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    Bucket seat hinge covers wanted

    Looking for a decent pair of hinge covers for manual buckets. Dark blue. I literally barely bumped mine and it cracked to pieces. Thanks, Mike
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    Wo2 quarters

    Iso of nice pair of blackout quarter windows in very nice shape. Ones that haven't been painted. Thanks.
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    Upgrade Converter?

    I'll be dropping my trans over the winter to treat some surface rust and freshen up the undercarriage and was thinking while it was out to swap out my stock converter, but not sure if it's even worth the effort. I'm not real trans techy, but willing to do the upgrade if a noticable one. My...