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    ARP BOLTS for champion intake help??

    Would anyone happen to have the part # for arp bolts for a champion racing intake? Also would like arp bolts for the plenum? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Engine heating up with dual fans and XFI help?

    Hello all, so temps have picked up in my area and I started driving my car around. Yesterday it was in the high 90's and was driving highway speeds of 70 to 80mph and car stood at 200 and would creep up to 220. To hot for my blood. So I would pull over and let her cool down. I had dual...
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    WTB: 200R4 Trans BRACKET CLIP

    Anyone have a spare bracket/clip available they would like to get rid of. Please message me. It's the locking clip that goes on the trans to hold the shifter cable in place . Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
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    XFI fuel logging/oil pressure connection????

    Hello all sorry for the newbie question but I'm in the process of hooking up the oil/fuel pressure sensors for logging on XFI. So the question here is where in the heck do these sensors connect too??? also last dumb question what do I need to do to get boost to read on my edash...
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    Help picking Laptop for XFI???

    Can anyone recommed a simple basic laptop that wont break the bank to read my XFI? Just mainly want it for the car and simple internet browsing. Just not sure what program it needs to have or which to buy?
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    TR6 Roller rockers Valve covers package deal??

    Hello all. For some reason my pics wont download but pm me and I'll gladly send you some. So I decided to go a different route and have a basically new TR6 that was mounted on my car then removed. I have the extender wire so you can mount on the fender but I lost the wire that goes to the...
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    Map sensor getting wet with oil????

    Can anyone help me out and tell me why I would have oil coming through the vacume line and wetting my MAP sensor with oil????
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    FS: TD 1.65 roller rockers

    Have a set of roller rockers for sale that I didn't end up using . They are used but nothing wrong with them. $500 shipped
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    Can a bad AC compressor cause charging issues??????

    Hello wondering if anyone has had this issue? I'm having charging issues with my alternator. Is it possible for my ac compressor pulley to drag because of a possible short in the ac clutch. which then would make my belt drag and not let my alternator charge correctly?? What I do see is...
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    Single wire to 3 wire alternator ???????

    Does anybody here know what it takes or what I need to do to convert a single wire alternator connection back to a 3 wire connection? I bought the car this way and the alternator is giving me problems so I rather go back to what I know. (3 wire alternator connection ) Any help or...
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    Parts FS: shocks and random parts

    Got these parts for sale. All include shipping if in the US. If you need more pictures of something feel free to message me. 1. (New) Varishock double adjustable $450 2. Tri shield horn button mint $60 3. Dash Cluster $170 4. (New) Vacuum block $40
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    F/S: Anyone looking to upgrade suspension??

    I got a nice rear suspension set up for sale and a front set up as well. Ridetech stuff and front is tubular stuff. Send me a pm if interested. Looking to get 2k plus shipping for the complete set up.
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    Help hooking up TR6 (2step) with LS coils????

    Hello all. I hooked up my TR6. I am running XFI with LS coils . Can someone kind of guide me through what I need to buy or do to make the 2 step work for me???
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    Shocks pulleys Gnx vents parts for sale!!!!

    Got these parts for sale. All include shipping if in the US. If you need more pictures of something feel free to message me. 1. (New) Varishock double adjustable $520 2. Tri shield horn button mint $75 3. (New) ARP iron head bolts $85 4. GNX vent kit $225 5. Dash Cluster $200 6. Valve...
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    WTB: dual fuel pump 680 set up complete

    Looking for a complete racetronix fuel double pumper set up i believe it's the 680?? with Hobbs switch and Teflon lines complete. If someone has something available send me a message.
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    WTB: 4 bolt headers

    Anybody have a set of 4 bolt headers for sale??? Let me know what you got.