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    N/a mpgs?

    I know this is a topic that most guys don't worry about when it comes to their 231, but I'd like to know about it. I'm looking at buying a 1978 Buick skylark 4 door to be my everyday driver. I understand this car isn't made to be a high mpg car, but i'm thinking it won't do terrible, and it will...
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    oil feed

    Im building a 4.1 and I was wanting to know where the 3.8s feed the turbo with oil? I figured it was on the front cover somewhere but i wasnt sure. Any help?
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    quick question

    while tearing my 4.1 down i ran into some things, a nice size chunk was gone from this piston Is there anything that can cause this or is it just from being ran to hard? What is that peice of metal in the water jacket? i figured it was where they injected the metal in the cast...
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    4.1 pistons

    Can anyone recomend what pistons to run in my 4.1? Id like to go 30 over. Does anyone use SBC pistons, or does it raise the comp to much? Forged 4.1 pistons arent cheap so ill probally go with hypers.
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    remote mount water pumps

    Has anyone used a remote mount water pump? Maziere makes one, and I'm pretty sure you can get the block adapters to use on a Buick. I think it would be a good idea because I'm running my crossover in front of the engine.
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    T5 Bellhousing

    I want to put a T5 from my s10 behind a 3.8 and im looking for a bellhousing. Mecloud makes one but its in the 500s from summit, but in this months hemmings there is a article on T5s and they say that the bellhousing from 79-81 firebirds ,79 skylark casting # 563441, and the 82 f bodys casting #...
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    Does anyone run mpfi on their 3.8s? I would really liek to set one up, my plans are 109 na block with 8445 heads. I would rather set up a mpfi and a distributor than the sqfi and coil packs. Any recomendations on a intake or throtle body? Do I need to use a single plan or can I use a dual? Im in...
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    setup help

    Ok I'm wanting to run this through you guys, because a other member told me stage 2 guys run distributors. heres my plan, 109 n/a block 8445 heads 2 dots rolled fillet crank Weiand X-CELerator Intake Manifold MSD or Mallory Distributor Accel DFI, or Holley Commander My main question...
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    engine decision?

    Im going to build a 3.8 for my s10. I have a turbo and intercooler from a gnx, but I dont have the engine yet. I need help deciding on what engine to go with. Im thinking I should go with a 78-83 turbo engine becouse im going to run an accel dfi system, and im not very experienced with the DIS...
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    new to 3.8 help

    I have a few questions about the 3.8s becouse im new to them. I would like to swap one in my 91 s10 with a 2.8 t5. I would like to swap in a pre 87, but are there bolt patterns the bop pattern, and are they 60 or 90*? Are the 88 and ups the 60* universal? Are the 87 and earlier engines a 90*...