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    package deal

    will not split up. $175 Two oil return fittings for the block two oil feed fittings for turbo feed line and sender unit. two block off plates brand new, EGR and plastic vacuum block for the top of the dog house. 3 plenum gaskets brand new One brand new lighter bran new cam sensor repair tab two...
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    block off plates

    Both are brand new never been on a car, EGR and the one for the top of throttle body, $50 ship, do have pics if need be.
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    Buick junk F/S

    Two sets of stock rocker arm and some extra shaft, $75.00 for the box. set of stock valve covers, $50 . Deal for all $125 plus the ride.
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    Head light Harness

    Looking for a head light harness for a G/N or T Type. let know thanks.
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    Lucas injectors

    I have a set of 6, 52 pound Lucas injectors $100 plus the ride. two brand new block off plates, one for the vacuum block and one for the EGR, $50 plus the ride
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    White Turbo T $12.000

    White Turbo T with blue interior. $12.000 usd, go to.
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    Rear bumper shocks

    Looking for some good rear bumper shocks for a G/N thank's.
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    Electric Repair kit

    G/N electric repair kit and a bunch of pig tails with leads, from a G/N wiring harness. $150 for it all ship.
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    TT chip wanted

    Looking for a TT chip or a copy for a stock car with stock injectors. thank's.
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    Looking for parts

    Looking for a good power steering pump, lines and reservoir with the bracket, let me know what you have , Thank's
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    Silicone rubbers

    Four, 3" silicone cup lours in Blue, for throttle body, intercooler, turbo and mass air, comes with brand new T clamps $100 ship.
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    Timing cover F/S

    Like new timing cover, $85 Good used transmission pan $60 Good used cam sensor $125 Plus shipping i do have pics.
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    Battery strap

    Looking for a G/N battery strap . LMK thank's.
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    Chip Wanted

    Looking for a TT chip for Blue Top 36 pound injectors on a stock car, I know it's a long shot. LMK thank's
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    Inter cooler shroud

    Looking for a nice inter cooler shroud .
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    Great guy to deal with, thank's again.
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    Timing chain cover

    Looks like brand new timing chain cover, Looks like it was never used. $100 ship.
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    Looking for a good set of stock wires for a G/N and a 160* thermostat.
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    Just a big thank you to Blackazz for helping me out, There's still some good people on this site.
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    Looking for some good 28lb stock injectors, a set of factory plug wires and 160* thermostat , let me know what you have.