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  1. Kyleh24

    GNX 241 or 411

    If anyone here has either of these 2 numbers, i have a license plate you might want. Not looking to make a profit, I bought them when I saw them.
  2. Kyleh24

    Better than stock Intercooler wanted

    Am looking for a good stretched stock location intercooler that is in good shape. Don't want to pay as much as a new one .
  3. Kyleh24

    Factory 86 chip

    Looking for info on a Delco ATH chip from a 86 GN. I can't see the number due to the plastic carrier. Google didn't help. So my 86 is stock except for a few things: brakes, rear seat brace, fuel hot wire kit. The car is in very good shape for stock (and I would like to keep it that way as much...
  4. Kyleh24

    Powerlogger file review, Knock

    I am new to the powerlogger, but installed it because I am getting knock. So far I have not hurt the engine, so I cut the boost down to prevent knock. So first a little bit about the car. 87 Turbo-T, TT chip, one size larger turbo (can't remember the number) 3 inch down pipe, K&N filter...
  5. Kyleh24

    Fuel Injector question

    What psi are the stock ones? If you were going to take the first step of upgrade on a stock GN, which direction would you go on the fuel injectors and the adjustable fuel pump regulator? Thanks, Kyle
  6. Kyleh24

    Fan Relay Question

    I have a stock 86 GN with a TT chip, and a 87 T with some minor mods, that also has a TT chip. The 87 T fan runs for 5 seconds after the engine is shut off, every time. (I have read all about the delay relay problems and have a spare stock of all 3 relays). Question is; Could the chip be doing...
  7. Kyleh24

    Intake manifold coolant

    I have a Turbo-T. Is there any logical reason why a previous owner had looped the coolant line off the heater hoses (that go to the intake manifold) back to themselves, and also connected each port on the intake manifold to each other with a section of hose? Thanks Kyle
  8. Kyleh24

    Scanmaster Question

    I started to title the thread: Am I "Retarded", but thought better of it. I hope this is an easy question. If I have an ECM chip that has 20 degrees of timing in it for the higher boost, will I see "this" timing on the main screen of the scanmaster, on the right, timing retard. Or if I am...
  9. Kyleh24

    Motor Mount Mount Help

    My car (87 Turbo T) is in the shop. The mechanic says it needs the mount, that the motor mount connects to on the drivers side. Hopefully this makes sense to some of you and you can steer me to a source for the part. He isn't having much luck, although he says he could fabricate one. Thanks in...
  10. Kyleh24

    Kill switch questions

    Do you guys suggest a kill switch, collar guard or other for security. If so, on a kill switch please tell me how it is done. If you are uncomfortable posting, Please start a discussion with me privately. Thanks, Kyle
  11. Kyleh24

    Must have mod for pure stock 86 GN?

    New owner here. I have looked at the sticky posts, bought the kirban books etc.....Here is my dilemma: This car I bought is bone stock 86 GN as best as I can tell, down to the oil filler cap. I bought this thing to drive, and will, however I don't want to hurt the value, because what I have read...
  12. Kyleh24

    WTB Door pull screw covers

    WTB Door pull screw covers I seem to have lost one of these. Mine is a 86 Grand national. Hard for me to tell if 86 and 87 are different on these plastic square pieces. Thanks, Kyle
  13. Kyleh24

    Factory Brake Question

    Is it possible that my 86 Grand National came with vacuum brakes from the factory? My trunk sticker does not show code J50. This car is obviously new to me. Thanks, Kyle
  14. Kyleh24

    Excellent Picture for your background

    I am a new owner of an 86 GN, I am in love. Anyway here is a picture of a great GN that may be suitable for your desktop. I created this from a drawing of a white T-type, it was impossible for me to give the credit to the original creator, because I can't read his signature. However, this one is...
  15. Kyleh24

    Have a new to me 86 GN, electrical question

    I just got this 86 which is stock as best as I can tell. Initially the running light fuse (No 21) 20 amp was blown. I replaced it. Now everything appears to work but when I turn on the parking lights or full headlights, I lose the tach / boost guage and the clock part of the radio, but the radio...