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    injectors 50lb and precision front mount intercooler and pipes.

    Next in line for the "nicer" intercooler and pipes. Thanks!
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    Looking for a Camshaft angle sensor

    Cam sensor itself. Fat Nat reached out! Thank you though.
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    Looking for a Camshaft angle sensor

    LoL! no Worries here. Yes Camshaft Sensor. Need one. Thank you.
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    Looking for a Camshaft angle sensor

    As the title says. I'm in Los Angeles area. Thank you!
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    PARTING 6 CARS 2-87 GN's 1-87 Turbo T 1-87 Limited 1-83 Regal Lots of pics

    1987 dash board trim around gage cluster "grey piece" Shipped to 90247.Please
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    New cast valve covers

    If nobody else. I'll take them. Send me payment info!
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    atr headers.

    you have better pictures?
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    Local parts for sale. THDP and Turbo

    Badass i sent you my info. I'm in Gardena. you?
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    Local parts for sale. THDP and Turbo

    I'll take the turbo! pending closer inspection!!! Sending DM with contact info.
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    I'll take the alky kit!! Send me paypal info!!!
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    Performance Parts

    Anyword on the FMIC? 310-729-9708 AL
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    Performance Parts

    Next in line for FMIC. Money in hand.
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    Ceramic Coated Kenne Bell exhaust manifolds for sale locally

    I'm in gardena, If there in working order i'll take them!
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    Pizza Cruise in November !!!

    Are new guys welcome?
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    Gta wheels & ET streets for sale

    Defiantly interested. I'm in Gardena. Sending my phone number call me.
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    18" GNX Style rims for sale $1400 obo...

    Are these wheels still available??
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    Parts at Bowling Green

    What version Power logger is that? How old?
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    Two Complete turbo motor & trans, Inner fender, PTC Converter 10"

    Sorry Bud have to pass on PTC. I called and spoke with Ryan at PTC. that part number is for 3500-4000 stall. To much for me. Thanks!