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  1. GNRick

    Overheating after installing dual fans

    Currently the hot ticket is the Champion radiator, dual 11" Spal fans, and Casper's wiring harness.
  2. GNRick

    front coil springs insulators

    I added spacers to the rears. I didn't know they made them for the fronts.
  3. GNRick

    Help with AC not cooling

    Put the thermometer in the vent closest to passenger door. Put fan on low. This will get you the coldest temp. Try searching for blend door on this site. Also make sure you don't have cold air blowing past the evaporator under the hood. I had to add extra foam to mine.
  4. GNRick

    New Owner

    This will get you going. Steve Wood can be found on facebook.
  5. GNRick

    AC Doesn't Cool

    Go to Harbor Freight and buy their leak detector. It's battery operated and beeps when you pass it over the leak. If there is die in the system you can buy a light with special goggles that will show you the leak. HF might sell that too.
  6. GNRick

    Inherited 3 Grand Nationals, looking for history and care tips.

    Sorry for your loss. What other cars did he have?
  7. GNRick

    Taking my first long trip - and of course I’m nervous

    I'm no stranger to long trips in my GN. Two rules: I try to stay in the right lane so it's easy to pull off if needed, and I try to only drive on the hwy during daylight hours. I also carry spare parts/tools including Casper's field fix and cam fix .
  8. GNRick

    Evaporator/heater box foam

    You could buy foam from Joanne Fabrics or maybe Hobby Lobby.
  9. GNRick

    AC Doesn't Cool

    Go to a parts store and buy a thermometer to stick in the vent. Then you won't be guessing on the temp. Coldest temp will be in passenger vent by the door, fan on low, selector on max, temp slid over to coldest setting. You should see low 40's on an 85 degree day.
  10. GNRick

    AC question.

    Harbor Freight sells a freon "sniffer" that beeps when it detects a leak.
  11. GNRick

    Tensioner rattle and turn one PS pump for hyrdoboost

    Try running the car without a belt. See if the noise goes away. Or could one of your pullies be out of alignment?
  12. GNRick

    Stock engine tries to die 2-3 times at cold start

    Google vacuum leak smoke detector. This is a device that quickly finds vacuum hose leaks. If you do all of the above suggestions with no success, it could be your crank sensor.
  13. GNRick

    Best Replacement AGM Battery

    I just replaced my 6 month old Advance AGM battery. I have a tester made by a company called Solar, model ba7. The battery failed the cca test (just 225 cca). Voltage test was fine, around 13 volts. Took it back to Advance where it failed on their tester too. I kept the battery on a charger at...
  14. GNRick

    Missing bad once warmed up, cam sensor?

    I think it should stay running. My car died out at a light. Was hard to start. Got it home. Changed every sensor/module except for cam sensor. Turned out to be crank sensor.
  15. GNRick

    Fuel pump connector melted

    Full Throttle is a vendor for racetronix. I burned up two factory bulk heads. Racetronix one has been good for a couple years now.
  16. GNRick

    Engine misses, stumbles, coughs - undriveable

    Just get a stock AC Delco or Denso.
  17. GNRick

    Engine misses, stumbles, coughs - undriveable

    I had an O2 sensor fail at the dragstrip. Couldn't go past 30 mph like you. I would dump that Bosche O2 and put in an AC Delco.
  18. GNRick

    Intreped fans fours seasons part # 75203

    Do they come on with the AC? I would start here....
  19. GNRick

    Heater Core Issue with 86 GN

    Only thing I can add is keep track of where the screws go. Some are different sizes. Also, for some reason, parts stores sometimes carry the wrong part for our cars. Match yours up with the one they order for you, if you don't get one from a Buick vendor.
  20. GNRick

    Say hello to the new Regal

    Turns out it has heated seats. I'm surprised there is no boost gauge. Is it possible to add one?