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    GNX numbered book for sale with original window sticker

    There is an original GNX book for car number 324 for sale on ebay. It is being offered with the original window sticker, owners manual and the GNX supplement owners manual. It also has the mileage sticker that was on the window as well. Thought one of you owners might be interested.
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    GNX window sticker

    Does anyone know what an original GNX window sticker is worth? I met a guy at a local car show where I had my GN . He sold me the GNX book along with the original GNX window sticker,GNX supplement, addendum and a"Molly" Buick Motor Sports gray jacket he has had for a long time. Evidently He sold...
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    GNX Monroney Label worth?

    I just purchased a matching set of the literature which came with the purchase of a new GNX. Included are the original "monrony label" which I call a build sheet, the dealer "addendum", the owner's manual, the GNX owner's manual supplement, and the delivery hardbound book. All except the owner's...
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    Need Info on GNX hardcover book

    Could someone tell me where to find the number in the hardbound GNX book that came with the purchase of a GNX along with the jacket ? Is it in the book itself or on the box the book came in? Any pictures? Thanks