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  1. Gene Van Horn

    AC Washer

    Ok I bought the washer kit for back of ac compresser. One red,yellow and green and 2 inserts. One insert a little thicker than the other. The instructions are as useless as I am. Can anyone tell me which insert goes where and which washer goes where. I tried a few different combos but don’t...
  2. Gene Van Horn

    GREAT. Now what?

    That’s what I had to do,both sides. Cut three sides bent up channel locked and got bolts out. Had to do something else also to get them back in and tight but forget what. Bent flaps back and covered with carpet. You’ll love the upgrade but is a real pain in the ass sometimes.
  3. Gene Van Horn

    Looking for one piece front air dam

    I bought one for my 87 from the guy in Connecticut, I think. Know he a vendor here on the board. Brand new.
  4. Gene Van Horn

    Engine Rebuild for a Newbie

    Dont even waste your time. Wait till Cali reopens and get the engine to someone who has Buick experience and built several before or choose one from the board here and ship it out. Especially with the upgrades you want to do. I know one in philly if interested, might be to far for you. Also with...
  5. Gene Van Horn

    where to buy body bushings

    Go with turbojd ,kirbans has both original and poly. I went with poly. Absolutely a must to get done if you still have stock. You won’t believe the difference.
  6. Gene Van Horn

    State Of Emergency Never Ending?

    The only thing trumps loves is himself,I just don’t understand how you people keep supporting an asswipe like this. Just for starters remember all the kkk rallies,lock her up,lock her up. Remember who got locked up,half the administration is in prison. Paying off porn stars. Stealing from his...
  7. Gene Van Horn

    State Of Emergency Never Ending?

    Yea he donates 500k to steal billions
  8. Gene Van Horn

    State Of Emergency Never Ending?

    Yea, how would you like to be trump.
  9. Gene Van Horn

    WTB big neck intercooler

    I believe nick in Arizona has developed a new style stock intercooler to replace the old Dettwieller necks. Do a search.
  10. Gene Van Horn

    Front Mount Intercooler Piping

    Save your money,nothing wrong with that setup. Nice engine bay by the way.
  11. Gene Van Horn

    Fuel/spark... no start

    Your probably gonna have to start over, do a search for setting cam sensor. Some the other guys explain a lot better than I do. Pop it out find the compression stroke on number 1 and go from there.
  12. Gene Van Horn

    Make over time

    You should show them a pic of the engine for those that haven’t seen it then they will understand. That car disgusts me Once again.:):)
  13. Gene Van Horn

    Operating cost of a TR

    Breakdowns, unlimited
  14. Gene Van Horn

    Fuel/spark... no start

    Sounds out do time, mess with cam sensor a little. The car should continually crank esp cold.
  15. Gene Van Horn

    original 9 hole hood insulator

    Id love to buy this if you’ll ship it. I def pay for it. Pocono Pa 18349.
  16. Gene Van Horn

    WTB rear seat brace

    I have one of these,think I got it from Kirbons. Have roll bar now don’t need. PM me and we can talk about getting to you.
  17. Gene Van Horn

    Who makes 255/50/16 tires ?

    I think nitro make them,drag radials.
  18. Gene Van Horn

    Here's to looking out....

    Mike,keep clicking just don’t buy anything:)
  19. Gene Van Horn

    Wtb 14 bolt girdle

  20. Gene Van Horn

    Replacing the timing belt ?

    7 outa 10 in difficulty.