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    ride from greenville - charlotte - ashville jan 7 2019

    Check out this article on Hemmings anyone here joining in? I may do greenville to clt
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    Autofair in Charlotte Sept 6-9, 2018

    Looks like there will be a large turn out of car clubs this weekend. I'll have my GN in the infield with the Buick Club of America. Stop by and say hello if you are there. Jim
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    WTF (What's This For)?

    When I got the GN this electronic device was under the hood on the driver side but was partially disconnected. Does anyone recognize it and What's This Fore? Is it ok to cut the last two wires and remove it? It has one wire coming from a connector on the back of the alternator and a the...
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    Shorai Battery Install

    After replacing my heavy starter with a new mini starter I decided to look at the battery next. I had the Optima red top. It with the bracket weighed in at 39.0 lbs. I have been using Shorai lithium ion batteries on motorcycles for years including two 6 cylinder large CC bikes and have been...
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    What steering wheel do I have?

    I got a refurbished steering wheel from Sue and Joe. Mine is a lighter gray but the big problem is they are different steering wheels. The plastic collar will not fit on the back on the new wheel. The spline section is longer than mine. I didn't even try to mount the new wheel but I expect...
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    Cars & Coffee Charlotte 1st Sat. each month. 7:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. How about trying to get a few Turbo Buicks, Typhoons and Syclones to meet up and cruise into Cars & Coffee Charlotte this year? Maybe plan April 7th?
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    console side panel?

    I seem to be missing a small side panel on the driver side of my console where it meets the carpet. Where can I find one? I haven't measured it but it's roughly 3" tall x 10" long.
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    steering wheel restoration?

    I remember a long time ago reading about someone doing GN steering wheel leather restorations. Who does this?
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    starter purple wire

    I am about to replace my factory starter with the mini starter. Thanks for the previous tips and help. I notice my factory starter has three wires going to the large bolt and none going to the small bolt where the purple wire should go. And I don't have a purple wire. I think the wiring has...
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    Les Grossman dances under a Grand National

    Special guest Les Grossman dancing under a clean 87 Grand National at Jimmy Dolls VIP club.
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    mini starter install question

    Just got my mini starter from GbodyParts. Looks great. Will it be necessary to removed the exhaust cross over pipe to remove the factory start and install the mini starter? Any other tips or recommendations? Thanks, JIm
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    Garage Squad

    Not sure if it's been mentioned but if you get the Velocity Channel, check out Garage Squad. They resurrected an 87 GN that had not run in years since it was purchased and had an engine failure. Congratulations, Edwin, for getting that beautiful GN back on the road again.
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    Crystal River, FL

    A friend of mine just sent me this picture taken from his boat on Crystal River, FL. Nice GN. Anyone's on here?
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    Hood Spring hits Gbodyparts radiator cover plate

    I installed the stainless radiator cover plate from GBodyParts. Some of the larger coils on the hood spring hit the cover plate when closing the hood. Looks like I need just about 1/8" more clearance. REALLY hard to close the hood. For other that have had this issue, what's the recommended...
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    Fuel Rail cap?

    I currently have a mechanical fuel pressure gauge connected to my fuel rail. I want to remove it. What do I need to put back on the fuel rail in it's place to properly seal the fuel rail?
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    Question on ATR wastegate hose connection?

    I know this sounds stupid, but should the pressure hose from the boost controller go to the bottom port on the ATR wastegate (below the diaphragm) or top port (above the diaphragm). I guess I don't really understand how it works.
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    Replacing ATR waste gate diaphragm

    I'm replacing the diaphragm in my ATR wastegate and there is. Gasket there now that is damaged. I guess I have to make my own new gasket. But my question is how does the diaphragm seal? Does it need to glue to the gasket? Or does it pinch between the body and the top hat?
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    What is this sensor?

    Please educate me on this. This sensor is plugged into the electrical cable but not installed into the air intake anywhere. It was just laying against the inside fender well. I expect it is the original IAT sensor that went in the original air intake housing. But are there two different...
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    Monte SS radiator covers?

    will these fit the Grand National?
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    min. temp for distilled water in a warm engine?

    I have RMI-25 and distilled water with 160 degree thermostat in a heated garage. What would be the minimum outside temperature that would be safe to start her in the garage then take it out and drive it? Will the water stay warm enough to prevent freezing in the radiator if the outside...