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    Real small thing but I can't use the emoji's list. I can use the common ones like the :);) but when I go down the list and pick an un-common one such as the US Flag it gives me the "Oops! We ran into some problems." message. As seen in my first attempt to post this. :LOL:
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    White GN, Anyone on here?

    Saw this article on-line today. Good article. Very nice car but definitely in need of some modern upgrades. A Hypertech chip and a 7th injector straight outta the 1989 Kenne Bell catalog. Adds 25 horsepower and .2 tenths. ;)...
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    Another Reason to Stay Single

    Can't make this stuff up. What did she think was going to happen after she did this???
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    Fast and Furious 4 Grand National

    Our cars getting a little love and respect form Hollywood. Only thing is they completely ignore the non-GN cars and the 20th Anniversary TT/A but the SyTy guys get a shout out.
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    No matter how

    you spin it, apparently cars are just plain bad for the environment!
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    Any 442 Fans/ Mid-70's Values?

    I've got a chance to look at a '75 Olds 442 this week-end and just wondering what a realistic value would be for the car. No photos yet but by description the car is brown with gold stripes, 140,000 on the body, a/c works, 350 olds and a fresh rebuilt trans. Owner rates it a 7 out of 10 car and...
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    Vintage F1

    A fairly decent read on Jalopnik about the Tyrrell P34 . The 6 wheeled, F1 car of the 70's. The second video in the article is one of my child hood racing favorites, Jackie Stewart, giving his impression after a lap in the car when it was introduced. It was a great little trip down memory lane...
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    Injector Needs

    I've got my Sy's intake off at the moment and wondering if I need to upgrade the injectors while I have it apart to maybe save me some work in the future. Truck is not going to be a drag star but I'm not opposed to stepping it up some. Just wondering how far can I safely go on stock injectors...
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    Intake Gaskets

    Anybody know the Fel-Pro or Victor number for the intake gaskets that fit the stock head? Nobody shows the Sy/Ty application anymore but if I can get the number they may be able to find it that way. Couldn't find it searching any of the forums. Still can't post at Sy/Ty forums :(. Thanks
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    Valve Stem Seals

    Guys, I did the valve stem seals on my Sy and all was good as far as the start up smoke show. I do have an issue with a low speed miss that I am still chasing that I found last month when I drove it to Richard Clarks place for the Buick meet but that hasn't been bad enough to keep me from...
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    Difference Between Scanmaster Box and Scanmaster G

    Guys this is particular for the Scanmaster 3 and the Scanmaster G for the SyTy's but I guess should be similar for the Buick Scanmaster 2.1 and G. Is there a difference other than shape between the two and if so which one is best? I posted here hoping it would get a faster reply than in the...
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    I/C Pump

    While I've got my truck apart I'm going to upgrade the I/c pump. What Shurflo pump is everybody using? Anyone have the specs on the stock pump so I have something to compare to? Thanks
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    Worth While Mod?

    Guys, just getting to know my new Sy and tackling my first project on it. A combination of cleaning the heck out of the engine compartment and tackling the only major mechanical issue I can find which is the dreaded start-up smoking habit these trucks seem to be known for. These things are a...
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    Cruise-in Nostalgia

    Took the new Sy to a small weekly cruise the other day. I got there towards the end and only a dozen plus cars were still there. It was mostly old school cars with all old school owners. You know, where the owners age is higher than the year model of their ride. I was probably the youngest...
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    A Dark Storm Approaches

    It is mine now. I am the official registered owner or Sy #1163. Picked it up last Thursday from, the best that I can tell, the third owner. I felt that I got a fair deal on it. Second owner had it for 20 years. This guy only had it for 2. Got the title sent away today. There's a fair amount of...
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    StarTrek TNG

    Don't worry, in a preemptive strike, this thread as already been moved to the Political Section so no sensitive individuals will have to be bothered with "not" watching it. ;) For the not so easily offended, warp on over and enjoy the Space Race. :D
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    Opinion: TTA or Sy

    Guys, Given the opportunity to pick up another one of GM's Turbo 6 mullet mobiles, provided the condition and price are reasonably comparable, which one gets the nod? There is one of each for sale near me and I only have room for one. The TTA is a Festival Car with some performance mods ie...
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    Opinion: TTA or Sy

    Well, I guess the double post thing ain't completely cured. :( Sorry.
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    It's Official, Drugs Are Here To Stay

    Even here in the cradle of the Bible belt there is no escaping that legalized pot is on the way. No matter how much I think it is over rated on the medicinal qualities and how much of a check off (or out) a pot head is you've got to admit it is gaining popularity. I mean even our cars are trying...
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    Winch Question

    Looking for a winch (NOT A WENCH, get your minds out of the gutter guys ;)) to add to my car hauler. Electric, of course. Question is: Which winch is which? This is not something that will be in regular/heavy use. I'm not looking for something to drag a stuck 4WD out of the mud. I'm just...