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    Turbonetics 70/68 BB turbo For sale or trade

    I purchased a car a while back for a parts. it had an engine with a new Turbonetics turbo that had been on the car ~20 miles before the guy popped the head gasket. The turbo is too large for what i need and am offering it up for sale or trade. I put it on my car just because my stock turbo took...
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    WTB "109 block"

    I just bought an 87 GN with a blown up engine. When i took it apart, the block was in terrible shape, had three diamond pistons destroyed and one of the wrist pin spiral locks came out and allowed the pin to destroy the cylinder. I could sleeve the block but would really like to start with a...
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    Having AC electrical issues on 87 GN .....Need some help

    I am a newb to the GN world, just recently purchased an 87 GN with 62K miles. It is in really good shape, stock with the exception of a scanmaster. When I received it, the ac AC compressor would not engage. I checked the fuse and found it was blown. I replaced it and still no go. Next step was...