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    advice on tuning

    Went to the track last night and couldn't get the car to run any faster than a 7.75 in the eigth mile. I tried boost from 28 to 34 lbs and richer and leaner 10.8 to 11.3 afr. All passes made the same mph of 88 mph, 0 knock on all runs. SO should I try running more timing . I was really hoping I...
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    external wastegate size

    I have a ta49 turbo and I am going to get a downpipe. I think I am going to go with an external waste gate welded off the pass header before the turbo. What size wastegate would be good to use a 38mm or a 44mm. I will probably upgrade the the turbo later on to a 6262 so I would rather buy 1 that...
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    difference between engine mounts

    What is the difference between the drivers and pass side engine mounts, if you look the up on any website they list a right and left, I have both of them off the car and they look exactly the same.
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    WTB 3" downpipe

    Looking for a 3" downpipe , wanted to see if any used ones were out there before I buy a ta perf one from fullthrottle speed
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    pumping problem

    Anybody ever have a alky control not pump any fluid if the controller is set to 4 or lower ? I thought the pump was going bad so I replaced it and that didn't help. Doesn't spray when in boost or test button is pushed.
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    Scanmaster G to powerlogger

    I Just bought a scanmaster G and want it to display the AFR Reading from the powerlogger, I have the comm wire hooked to the orange wire at the aldl and I only get the normal buick datastream. Does the scanmaster g somehow hook to the powerlogger directly to read data instead of the aldl? I do...
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    COMP Cams High Energy Cam and Lifter Kits K69-234-4 correct kit?

    I just want to make sure this is the correct 206/206 cam for turbo buicks before I order the kit COMP Cams High Energy Cam and Lifter Kits K69-234-4
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    turn signal and brake light grounds

    Does anybody have a wire diagram for an 86 t type for the turn signals and brake lights? Or know the location of the body grounds. I bought a car in pieces and not all the lights work correctly. It seems like a ground problem with the turn signals, If you turn on the left turn the rears light up...
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    Are #60 injectors big enough?

    I plan on running stock engine with a ta49 , would #60 injectors be large enough? Erics site says on e85 they are good for low 11s.
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    Does anyone still sell a dutt neck ?

    I looked on the kirban website and a few others and could not find a dutt neck for sale. any idea where to find one.
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    alky control install instructions

    I am looking for instructions to install an older alky control system , its dated 02/2005 does anybody have some instructions. I tried emailing them but I got no response.
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    Turbo rebuild or buy a new one

    I have a chance to get a ta49 turbo and a downpipe for a good price but the turbo has a bad impeller, What does it cost to have one rebuilt or am I better off just buying a new turbo for the cost.
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    SES flickers as soon as key is turned on

    I just bought this car as a project and it runs very rich(black smoke pours out the tail pipe) .What does it mean when the ses light flickers at a fast rate as soon as the key is turn on. I have yet to hook a scan tool up but I am thinking a ground problem or the ecm.
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    1986 Buick t type

    For sale 1986 Buick T Type Engine rebuilt about 10,000 miles ago, car has 116,000 miles, Runs and drives great, Body very solid, Paint is good for a driver not show car quality, there are many imperfections in the paint. I believe this car is a designers series car,There is no truck sticker to...
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    new best today 11.67

    Finally got out to the 1/4 mile track.last year ran a 11.72.Changed my converter to a PTC and this years best was an 11.67 at 111.Thats all i can seem to get out of this combo, i think the ported elbow and stock intercooler are about maxed out.
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    Temp cooling fan should turn on?

    What temp should the cooling fan turn on at?I seem to remember last year it was kicking on at around 150 but now this year its kicking on at 125 according to my scanmaster.Possiable bad temp sensor?If so which sensor is it?I know its one on the drivers side but cant remember if its the upper or...
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    Sonnax or Superior servo

    Which servo does everybody perfer Sonnax or Superior.I see the Sonnax has more apply area.
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    Wire harness

    The wire harness that runs long the firewall around the trans dipstick tube does it run in front or the rear behind the dipstick.The way i had it it was in front of the dipstick,but it just looks wrong.but it also looks like if i put it behind the dipstick i wont be able to bolt it to the back...
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    bumping up compression

    I am going to be pulling my heads off for a valve job so i was thinking of shaving the heads to bump up the compression some.My engine is .030 over and im running felpro 9441 gaskets with trw pistons.Would it be worth it to shave the heads or would i not gain that much compression wise?I would...
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    I rebuilt my trans now always in 2nd

    To make a long story short i rebuilt my trans(200-4r)because i burt it up at the track.Every gear was foward(2nd gear) including reverse.When i tore it apart i found the fowards welded together.Well i put it all back together and now i at least have reverse but it still starts out in 2nd and...