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    Tuning Questions

    Okay, I think this is the right forum... I've recently decided I'm finally going to get my car running better. I've never really had a chance to tune as every time I got stuff "right" something else would go wrong. My combo is in the sig and is current/accurate. I currently have the Alky...
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    Why do diesels think they are the only ones with boost?

    So setup of the story. Car has been down with trans problems for almost 3 years. SMC alcohol kit took a crap on me in the meantime. Got beat by a new M6 so I had Don Cruz install Julio's kit. I'm taking Don's advice and turning it back up slowly. I started with the car at 18PSI and have now...
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    WTB Drivers Side Cornering light bezel

    As the topic says. I need the driver's side cornering light metal bezel. Not the turn signals, but the optional cornering light that comes on and illuminates the side when the turn signal is engaged. Let me know what you have to sell. Dan
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    Thank you to Lonnie at Extreme Automatics!!!!

    So long story, but needs to be said: Years ago I bought a 200-4r from Brian Hofer. I lost OD after the warranty had expired. He or his builder left out a c-clip that let the OD clutches move around and burn up the friction material. The clip was no where to be found in the trans or pan...
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    Damn BMW M6

    So a bit of setup is required for this one. Just got the car back on the road with Lonnie Diers's help. Long story for another post. He went above and beyond helping me sort my crap out. Car has sat for 14 months with a full tank of gas. I go burn it off and fill it up with premium...
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    Help! Relay Wiring Issue (Wideband O2)

    Greetings all! I am wiring up an NGK AFX Powerdex Wideband O2 Sensor and am having issues with powering it with a relay. I bought a 12VDC relay and a 5 wire wiring harness to ease connection (yeah right like any thing goes easy for me). Terminal 87 wired to a ground point on the passenger...
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    Someone welded my downpipe to the "Test Pipe"

    The title pretty much says it all...I went to take my downpipe out to take it to an exhaust shop to have them weld in an O2 Sensor bung to be able to tune with a wideband and lo-and-behold I found that the a$$hole that hung my exhaust took it upon himself to weld (not just tack weld, but weld...
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    Which Wideband? Upgrade Chip and Injectors?

    I've finally got my car back on the road after breaking the trans and need to do some serious tuning. Obviously I need a wideband to tune with, but which one? LC-1, AEM, or NGK Powerdex? Is there that much difference? I should mention that I'm already running a PowerLogger. My setup is in...
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    Lost all gears...whats the most likely suspect

    Okay here is the gist: I have a trans built by Brian Hofer about 2.5 years ago. It has about 1500 miles on it. It sat for almost a year waiting on an engine rebuild. After the rebuild I realized I didn't have 4th gear. A friend familiar with both Turbo Buicks and the 200-4r took it apart...
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    Problems with SMC alcohol inj

    Here is the deal. My combo is as listed in my sig...212/212 flat tappet cam, ported iron heads, ported stock intake, GN1 SLIC, CPT-66 turbo, Gen2 MAFT and 3.5 MAF with 60# injectors and TT alcohol chip (burned for my combo with 24-26 PSI in mind). Combo is currently set to around 18 pounds...
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    Encounterd a Nissan 180SX

    I was out for a quick cruise on Sunday...the T-Type had sat for 4 weeks without starting so I thought it would be a good idea. It was pretty crap weather in Tampa but I found a short lull in the rain and went for it. I was leisurely cruising when I saw a front mount inter cooler sticking out...
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    Flat tappet Cam thrust button

    Quick question: I'm doing a rebuild with a Comp Cams 212/212 flat tappet cam. What is the right thrust button to use with this setup...solid nylon or spring type that I've seen on some of the vendor's websites? Thanks!
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    Rod bearing sizes

    I've got a crank that a machine shop already turned .010 under on the rod bearings...does anybody know of like a .011 or .012 rod bearing so that I can have them fit them to my specs instead of gambling on a .010 bearing?
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    Brian Hofer's Transmissions

    Just wanted to let everyone know my experience with Brian's transmission build. Two weeks ago I bought one of his basic builds with the better (billet) servo. I followed his break in instructions to the letter and have had no issues...well I did have one: his tranmission is too solid ;) Two...
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    Killed some turbo import--T-Type respect

    Last night I was coming home from a friend’s house at about 11:30 PM. I could see something with those god fake HID blue headlights...thought to myself: “this could be fun”. He tried to charge past me. As soon he made it to my door I rolled into the throttle and walked away from him. The...
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    Steve @ SMC Rocks

    Just wanted to drop a line about Steve at SMC. I ordered one of his kits about two weeks ago. I broke the nozzle by threading it in too tight without a washer...he sent me a replacement no problem. So I put a washer on the inside and the outside...and proceed to snap nozzle number 2! I...
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    Are BB turbos worth it?

    I am contemplating the ball bearing version of the Turbonetics CPT-66. My friend and fellow Buick enthusiast feels that the BB turbos aren't as durable as the journal bearing versions. He also tells me that it needs to be water cooled regardless what everyone says and that the CPT-66 sits so...