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    Copper heater core and A/C evaporator in NJ

    I have a copper/brass heater core, just taken out of my 1984 T type yesterday. See first 8 pics, it has some minor fin damage but works fine, no leaks. Asking $60 plus shipping. I also have an A/C evaporator from the same car, its the last 2 pictures. The car hasn't had A/C for ~10 years...
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    Delco MAF and a Grille good condition

    Spare AC Delco MAF from a 1986 GN, works fine. I just put it on the car and went for a spin to verify. $75 shipped in the continental US. Grille from a 1984 T Type, good condition with a fresh coat of flat black. $75 plus shipping coming from NJ 08009.