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    1986 T Type WH1 64000 Miles

    I hope it did, for my sake. I love the WH1s and I don't need another car.
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    Fully restored 87 Turbo T, Dark Blue W02

    This answer tells me this is legit! Anyone who has ever done this more than once either has mental issues or is a sadist!
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    inconsistent surge. hard to pinpoint the problem.

    Soy based plastic is the main reason. It is "environmentally" friendly but that makes it also "digestively" friendly to rodents.
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    Lesson learned

    Laughing at that straight and beautiful of a GN is a capitol offense. I'm glad you kilt him. I really get a kick of of the dip$hits that can't/ don't recognize drag radials when they see them. I didn't put these tires on my car because I was afraid they'd grip too well...I put them on...
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    Killed the Subaru Brat

    While I don't like turbo on turbo violence, I approve of this message.
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    Tuning Questions

    By the way, thanks to all who take the time to reply to such newbie questions :)
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    Tuning Questions

    It leaned out a little, I was at 10.9 with 24 PSI when I got the KNR...I know all cars like different stuff, what target AFR should I be using to stay "safe"?
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    Tuning Questions

    Well, KNR came back. I got to 24 PSI (my goal) and the KNR showed up so I subtracted another degree to get to -3.2 * in 3/4 and still had 1.2 degrees of KNR. I then turned it down another degree to -4.2 degrees, made another run and still had 1.2 degrees of KNR. Now in my mind if I have 1.2...
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    Tuning Questions

    So here is what I got: I pulled the plugs. They all looked consistent and good...according to my limited knowledge and google skills...plugs looked a little rich but I knew that. Changed the plugs while they were out and gapped at about .32. Tested with the same setup as before and same...
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    Tuning Questions

    What am I looking for?
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    Tuning Questions

    Well I said hammer it but I'm probably rolling into it in second...should I be waiting until third to do so? I like to take the center of the three lanes before getting into it in case anything crazy happens I have a lot of room in either direction. I"m probably at 35 by the time this...
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    Tuning Questions

    Yes to the power plate, I added it to my sig. I know people either love or hate it...thoughts?
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    Tuning Questions

    I should have I turning down the timing to see if is false knock? I'm asking because with regards to the previous heat soak comment, the runs were probably less than two minutes apart. I waited for traffic on a 6 lane divided hwy to clear, busted a u-turn and hammered it. I then...
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    Tuning Questions

    With my fuel at its default and 20 PSI I was super rich, like sitting at 9.5 to 9.7. So, you think I should turn it back up, timing down and start from there? I haven't looked at my plugs in a while but I'm a novice when it comes to plugs...not really sure what I'm looking at or for. I do...
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    Tuning Questions

    Don Cruz installed my kit and set it up, he had it set it at 4. I tried turning it up to 6 as I had read Julio's posts saying that is the normal starting point and usually works on most cars. So I turned it to 6 and had the same pattern of KNR. If the general consensus is 6, then I'll turn it...
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    Tuning Questions

    Here they are. The "quick save" file shows the small periods of KNR. I hadn't thought of heat soak...they were probably within at most two minutes apart. I just thought it was weird how whenever I got was on multiple different tries it always looked the same, quick spike then tapered...
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    Tuning Questions

    Okay, I think this is the right forum... I've recently decided I'm finally going to get my car running better. I've never really had a chance to tune as every time I got stuff "right" something else would go wrong. My combo is in the sig and is current/accurate. I currently have the Alky...
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    Exhaust system concerns with high power?

    I have first hand experience....I had the boost set at 18 pound I thought. What I actually had was a hole in the vacuum line in the waste gate actuator coupled with a terrible exhaust...that would only let build 18 pounds of boost. The waste gate actuator was never opening because it never...
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    First kill.... glad it was against something worthy...

    You GN guys have it made...the menacing black car lets people know whats up.. A white t-type can hardly buy a race around Kidding but not. My DD is a 13 Focus hatchback. In the Focus its a Mustang on the right and a ricer on the left. In the Buick its a minivan on the right and a...
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    Why do diesels think they are the only ones with boost?

    Wait a're saying they have five friends? Must be in a truck club to have that many and be that douchey...