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    fuel line

    Hard fuel line, goes from filter to rear top of frame. In good shape
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    precision power plate

    Precision power plate, not stock. Brand new, no gaskets 45.00 shipped
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    precision power plate

    This is for a precision plentum not a stock one, 45.00 shipped
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    wtb accufab power plate

    Wtb accufab power plate or trade for a precision power plate
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    precision power plate

    Power plate, new 45.00 shipped
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    precision power plate

    Power plate, new. 45.00 shipped
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    precision power plate

    Precision plate 45.00 shipped
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    precision power plate

    Precision plate 45 shipped
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    torque converter bolts

    My torque converter bolts are larger than stock. Do I have to drill holes in flywheel larger
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    accufab power plate

    Need power plate for accufab doghouse
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    power plate or spacer

    70 mm. Accufab doghouse , do I use plate or a spacer. I will be putting between 400 to 500 hp?
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    transmission lines and fuel lines

    Looking for a good set of transmission lines and also the fuel line from filter to rear, hard line
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    1987 stock long block

    87 long block for sale 900, in Louisiana
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    what type of fluid to use

    Used Arty Car 200r4, it shifts firm. What type of fluid to use. Don't know what was in it
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    horn ring

    87 horn ring in good shape. I would like blue, but I will take gray.
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    transmission lines

    Looking for 87 stock transmission lines in good shape.
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    blue horn ring

    87 t regal dark blue horn ring
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    87 long block

    Complete 1987 long block for sale, 800.00. It's located in Louisiana.
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    new to the buick world

    Thanks for having me guys and girls. I have always wanted a gn since high school, now i'm 41 and I have embarked on a major journey. I own a 87 white turbo regal. I have removed the frame from the body and I am rebuilding it piece by piece. I have learned a lot in the last 2 year's about these...
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    hard fuel line

    Does anyone have a good fuel line that runs from filter to top of frame, before the rubber hoses and stand pipes. It's a short line kinda.