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    Starts hard Won't Rev

    Hi Guy's, first off I have very little knowledge on computer cars. I have a 87 GN that I bought new, it has 30K miles on it. Hardly driven from 92 to 97 and parked in 97 and not driven until 2013, put fresh gas in it and drove it home from storage unit. Put new 340 pump and hotwire at that...
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    Does anybody know where to find a turbo 6 decal to fit a center cap? Needs to be 2"-2 1/8" Dia.
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    M/T Sportsman SR

    Anybody run the SR 8x26x15 on the front? My car still had the original 215/65's on the front, 255x60x15 on the rear. Picked up a almost new pair of 8x26 M/T, the spec's say 26.1 tall but they look shorter, haven't mounted yet. Running 7"and 8.5" Enkei 62's with black center.