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  1. BoostedTtype

    1984 Regal LS swapped

    84 Buick Regal Astroroof The good 4.8 LS Holley Carb Edelbrock Manifold and timing module 100% new brake system including lines Tubular upper control arms FR QA1 coilovers FR QA1 adjustable shocks/Beltechs RR ATI th350 (manual valve body) 3” exhaust v banded to manifolds Aluminum radiator with...
  2. BoostedTtype

    200-4R transmission and D5 converter

    Transmission for sale.. Worked flawlessly when removed from 80k mile parts car. Located in Southern MD. Asking 500 picked up..
  3. BoostedTtype

    1986 Buick T-type (rusty)

    1986 Buick Regal T-Type with just under 120k miles..Vehicle is white with the black trim option. Car runs very well.. I just traveled over 200 miles today in it.. It accelerates nicely and goes through all the gears flawlessly.. It's 90 percent stock and mostly all original so it's not a race...
  4. BoostedTtype

    Chips for sale

    Couple chips for sale.. Extender chip for 50lb inj. 93 octane for MAF translator equipped cars 30 shipped Andersen racing chip for 42 lb inj. 93 octane 20 shipped
  5. BoostedTtype

    WTB rear bumper fillers

    Looking for a pair of rear fillers.. Used is fine.. No cracks or damage. Inbox me if You have a set. Thanks
  6. BoostedTtype

    WTB. 42 lb injectors

    Looking for a working set of used 42lb injectors.. Inbox me if You have a set for a fair price..
  7. BoostedTtype

    TT chip for 30lb injectors

    Wtb TT chip for 30lb injectors... Inbox me thanks
  8. BoostedTtype

    TT chip for stock injectors/stock turbo

    Inbox me if You have one available., Thanks
  9. BoostedTtype

    Who makes these gauges

    These old school gauges were in the car when I bought it.. Boost gauge says IMP but I cant find any info on the company anywhere.. Also a knock gauge.. Anyone know the maker? Are these knock gauges any good? I assume red means let off the skinny pedal... How old are these gauges? Coil pack...
  10. BoostedTtype

    Spark plug blues....

    So I recently purchased a Buick that sat for a while. I got it running but it ran a little rough so I figured I'd swap out the plugs and wires and see it helps anything. The plugs that came out of the car were autolite ap25 plugs.. They are Platinum. I know everyone says that platinum sucks...
  11. BoostedTtype

    Picked up a 86 in need of Some TLC

    A buddy of mine found this car sitting a a neighbors driveway. It sat for atleast 3 years under a tree. It was on concrete but rust seems to took a toll on it.. To make a long story short I went to see it and made a offer the same day. Car was on four flats and hadn't been started in years...
  12. BoostedTtype

    Trim question...

    This is a 86 T type I recently purchased. Is this paint correct or something someone created over the years? White bumpers and grill? I know the badges are incorrect
  13. BoostedTtype

    Wtb 3 gauge pillar...

    If you have one new or used inbox me thanks
  14. BoostedTtype

    Center caps

    A looking for 4 center caps for my 87T.. I'm looking for used in ok shape.. Not perfect or new.. I'm on a budget guys.. Inbox me what You got.. Thanks
  15. BoostedTtype

    Looking for a few parts

    -Complete fuel line set.. Steel braided.. Stainless... Used or new what you got.. Pm me -Need the hard brake line that runs across the cradle to the passenger side.. -Driver side floor pan.. 42lb injectors Prefer used for budget reasons.. But either way please inbox me if you have these...
  16. BoostedTtype

    WTB a fuel pump hotwire kit...

    Looking for something used or cheap.. racetronix or whatever you have... Please Pm me if You have something available.. Thanks
  17. BoostedTtype

    1987 T type w/astroroof 82k orig

    Selling my 1987 Buick Regal T type. Car has only 82k original miles. Vehicle is garage kept. I purchased it from the original owner. It also has the factory astroroof and G80 8.5 posi rear. NO rust car is solid. All panels are good. No bondo.. All floors are solid and frame is clean (no...
  18. BoostedTtype

    Rocker shaft bolts... angry face!!

    I recently performed a head gasket replacement on my 87T and have been having issues with the passenger side rocker shaft bolts coming loose.. The drivers side seem to be fine but the passenger side bolts keep backing out.. Ive tried washers and threadlock.. Ive tried 25lbs 35lbs and...
  19. BoostedTtype

    Astroroof ... help

    When I press my astroroof switch the motor makes a bunch of noise but the glass doesnt move... Is this common? How do I repair it?
  20. BoostedTtype


    I have a Wb o2 so all I need is a gauge and wiring. Uego preferred but let me know what you have through pm. Thanks