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  1. OneUgly6

    1987 GN parts

    Sold car, parts for sale in Northern VA Stock heads Stock crank I believe, stock cam Miscellaneous parts in pic LH door seal Stock axles Intercooler air diverter/shroud Let me know if interested and may try and sell at Cecil if I can get off from work. Make an offer, want this stuff gone Thanks
  2. OneUgly6

    New Years Day

    anyone going to be out and about in NOVA on 1/1? Eli, Julian, Paul, others?
  3. OneUgly6

    '87 GN Wheels

    i will be taking five wheels to sell at Cecil on Saturday. One wheel has some decent dings and the other four have decent chrome and center caps. One has a haze on chrome that I couldn't get to buff out, but these have sat unused thru at least two owners. $250 obo and stop by at the show and...
  4. OneUgly6

    MAGNA event-Sept 16

    Anyone from NOVA going? Eli, Julian, Paul, others? My father will be in town and I plan on driving up and would be fun to head up with a group.
  5. OneUgly6

    Saturday Meet

    anyone up to meet at the burger king parking lot west of manassas tonight? Its on 28 just west of 234 bypass and usually has a good crowd!
  6. OneUgly6

    Great weather Sunday!

    Anyone doing a little cruising tomorrow?
  7. OneUgly6

    NOVA Meet

    Going to be a nice weekend, anyone up for a meet with Eli and me and maybe Rich?!
  8. OneUgly6

    NOVA meet

    Eli, Rich, Paul, others....Anyone avail to meetup tomorrow? Late notice, but have the time and weather will be dry! Fairfax, Chantilly area? Let me know, because OneUgly6 will be out driving around tomorrow!!!