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  1. pkschul

    Anyone still come here?

    Seems to be pretty dead. I deactivated my facebook so I'm looking elsewhere to spend my online time. LOL
  2. pkschul

    What's the secret to accessing the driver seat anchor bolts?

    I got a couple of the nuts off by lifting up the plastic covers but I feel like I'll break them if I try to access the others. Those covers have to come off but I'm not seeing how without breaking them. Help?
  3. pkschul

    Anyone ever see this happen before?

    This thermostat was brand new last Summer. No idea how this happened. Luckily I pulled it while putting in a new water pump.
  4. pkschul

    Replacing my powermaster

    I purchased a vacuum pedal from a member here and the vacuum block from Kirban's just came in. Now I just need a booster/master cylinder right? Just want to double check that I'm getting the right part. I'm looking to purchase this... Please let me know...
  5. pkschul

    Stupid question

    Hey I realize this is a super basic question, but I need some advice. I'm replacing my water pump today. I tried to break the bolts holding the pulley on the pump with the belt still attached but couldn't get them to budge without the belt slipping. I ended up removing the pump with the pulley...
  6. pkschul

    Opinions on this car?

    Looks clean. Clean carfax, but I've been told it shows signs of someone tinkering with it.
  7. pkschul

    Looking at an 01 GS

    Super clean and only 58,000 miles. Florida car with no rust. I think I can get it for under $4K. Would be used as a daily driver and I probably wouldn't be looking to do anything extreme to it. How are these cars as daily drivers? 93 octane is an expense I know, but looking at overall...
  8. pkschul

    vacuum brake pedal assembly

    I'll be swapping out my powermaster for a vacuum brake setup. Looking for a compatible pedal assembly in nice condition. Thanks!
  9. pkschul

    Tell tale signs that a PowerMaster is about to fail?

    Hey all. I just got my car up and running last year after sitting in the garage for 13 years. While driving around I've been noticing that the brake pedal has a strange vibration while stopped at red lights. It feels mechanical and it's choppy feeling. Not really sure how else to describe it. Is...
  10. pkschul

    70 in NoVA on Sunday.

    I might need to take the car out for a spin...
  11. pkschul

    Body shop in NOVA?

    What body shop would you trust to replace your T-top weather stripping? I bought the complete kit from Kirban's and I'll probably end up doing the job myself, but just for giggles I'd like to get a couple estimates. Who would you trust?
  12. pkschul

    DMV meet?

    I'm in northern VA and I'm about to get my 86 GN back on the road after sitting in the garage for the past 12 years. Another local GN owner stopped by and we talked shop a bit. We got the idea to try and get a local tb meet together. Some weekend in September maybe? Just looking to see if...
  13. pkschul

    Factory wastegate Y-hose connector

    Like this...
  14. pkschul

    Tire selection

    My 86 GN hasn't seen the road in 12 years and the tires are looking a little long in the tooth. I've decided to replace them. Car will be 95% cruiser and only has very minor mods. I'm planning to take it on a 500+ mile road trip this summer so I'm looking for good handling highway...
  15. pkschul

    LeSabre Grand National

    I have a private investigator friend in FL who came across a guy claiming to have a LeSabre Grand National. He asked me about it and initially I told him it's probably just a lesabre with GN badges put on it by some kid. I'm not so sure any more. I looked it up and there actually was such a car...
  16. pkschul

    Rear seat shoulder strap conversion?

    Anyone know of a shoulder strap conversion kit for older cars? I'd like to take some family cruises in the GN but I know the wife will have an issue with the lap belts only in the rear for the kids. I don't want to do any serious modification, but if there is something available that is...
  17. pkschul

    Differential lube change...

    I bought a couple quarts of 75w-90 Mobil 1 full synthetic and a Fel-Pro gasket. Do I need additive with full synthetic? What about rtv sealer with the gasket or just mount dry? Also, I can't seem to find a reliable torque spec on the rear end bolts. Any help appreciated. Thanks!
  18. pkschul

    Some dumb questions...

    OK guys, way back in 2003 I tried to get my car inspected. The inspector found a bunch of stuff he didn't like under the hood. The first thing was the breathers which I already took care of by replacing the stock oil filler tube and reconnected the apparatus connecting the passenger valve cover...
  19. pkschul


    This is an interesting watch if you haven't seen it yet...
  20. pkschul

    What fuel pump?

    After sitting in the tank unused for 11 years, I've been advised to put in a new fuel pump. Been reading a lot about failures. The old pump is a Walbro that was still working the last time I started the car in 2010. What's going to be most reliable? Also, what do I look for to tell if the old...