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  1. O SO LO

    Power steering elbow ?

    Looking for a hard line elbow that goes into steering box on my 1984 Buick Grand National (shown in pic below) for the return line. It is smaller size than the 1986-87 fitting shown in pic. Doing conversion shown in second pic, elbow I am looking for is the darker fitting on the right. A...
  2. O SO LO

    Trans line connections to Alradco radiator

    What size adapters are needed to fit stock steel transmission lines to Alradco aluminum radiator? I thought these were to be a direct fit...??
  3. O SO LO

    86-87 metal heat shield for heater a/c box

    As stated looking for the metal heat shield for the heater a/c housing to fit 86-87 GN... Thanks, Mark
  4. O SO LO

    Ignition module bracket (plate) 86-87 GN

    Looking for the piece that bolts to the bottom of the module, not the one too the manifold.
  5. O SO LO

    21st Annual Cool Desert Nights- Richland, Washington

    Hi guys, In just over a month Mike Dopkins, and I will be in Richland as well 3 others for the weekend at the Cool Desert Nights Car Show... We would love to have others join us as well. We had 9 GN's there on Saturday (last time I went) and had alot of fun!! More info here to check out-...
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    Car for sale

    Ran across this ad- thought someone might be interested- I have no info on it!
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    Hot Air parts...

    Just in case you guys haven't been in the parts section-
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    Hot Air Parts for sale

    Selling some of my "extras"... open to offers 84-85 Powder coated Black Valve Covers- $120 shipped, unwrapped from protective paper for pics 85 Throttle body-stock $70 shipped 85 Turbo- SOLD Ported Throttle body by Steve Monroe, slightly used- SOLD
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    Anyone familiar with University of Puget Sound??

    Hello, My daughter is looking into attending here next year- interested in Exercise Science type stuff... Anyone attend or know someone who has??
  10. O SO LO

    Hood Pad Insulation

    Hood Insulation Pad GM# 25525977
  11. O SO LO

    Home furnace replacement advice

    Had a repairman out for tune up last week, and found the igniter on my Lennox pulse furnace is shot. Furnace is 22 yrs old- was told time to replace.... So, I am interested in comments about a new one... What do you have that has little problems, last a long time and is 95-98% efficeint. My...
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    Updated list

    Just a quick note to say I updated the Junkyard Donor list and the links go to related threads... Alot of info for newbies- It's 28 pages long!! and I can email a copy Word or pdf if you like... :) Current pdf is in post #7-...
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    ACS Relay for life

    My 16 yr. old daughter has formed a team to walk in the Relay for Life walk in a two weeks- she is doing this for me... I was diagnosed with Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia on June 29, 2011. With the medication that was discovered only 10 years ago, I am back to pretty much a normal life other than...
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    Junkyard Donor list as pdf

    Here is the Junkyard Donor List in a pdf file... it's 33 pages long!!! This updated version posted Jan. 3, 2014
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    Halloween house

    Check the house video... Halloween Light Show 2011: Spectacular Set to ?Party Rock,? ?This is Halloween? [VIDEOS]
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    Japanese Tsunami video from a car

    Interesting video- read description below video... Japanese Tsunami Viewed From A Car
  17. O SO LO

    Silver Reef Casino Car Show- Ferndale, Wash.- Sept. 4, 2011

    I'm planning on going to this car show next weekend- let's see if we can get a few more GN's there as well!!
  18. O SO LO

    Not a good day...

    Hi guys, As of Monday afternoon, I have been diagnosed with Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia... I have begun chemo pills to lower the white blood cell levels. Normal white blood cell level is 4-11, my current level is 500,000!! I will be going in this afternoon for a bone marrow biopsy to...
  19. O SO LO

    1983 turbo/carb parts

    Hi guys! While at a car show last weekend a guy came and looked at my car and said he had some spare parts for me- since nothing fits my car, I told him I would pass along his info- so contact him, Not me!! His name is Mike Rafters, 360-305-7005 or email
  20. O SO LO

    Computer gurus

    Ok, I've got alot of GN info on a memory stick and I have a folder I call engine electrical- when I try to open it- it asks which program I want to open it with (I must have gotten a virus or something in it) and the folder icon at the front of the title is different than the others under my...