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  1. Sweet6

    Caspers TR6 extension harness and Cruz TR6 remote mounting plate

    Good condition. $70 shipped.
  2. Sweet6

    Cruz Vacuum relocation spacer for Champion race intake

    Compete kit new never used. New is $285 on Cruz site. $240 shipped.
  3. Sweet6

    Manual boost control valve

    Works perfect. Mounting bracket included $20 shipped
  4. Sweet6

    Stock ECM moddified for powerlogger

    Great condition factory ECM prepared to accept power logger $90 shipped
  5. Sweet6

    Cruz Performance Vacuum block elimination kit for Champion race intake

    Picture is from Cruz website. I will post actual pictures later. The spacer I have is a 1" for a Champion Race intake. The parts other than the spacer is what I have too. Cost new is $285 asking $240 shipped.
  6. Sweet6

    GN ECU Boost Contol External Gate

    I have a GN ECU and wanted to use it for boost control. Currently I just have a manual bleeder. What parts do I need to set this up? I have a Tial gate mounted off the downpipe. ATR DP. TIA
  7. Sweet6

    ATR Charcoal Cannistor relocator

    Super rare. Great condition. $50 shipped
  8. Sweet6

    TurboTweak SD2 chip

    Latest version with Flex Fuel update. Have original instruction book. $250 shipped. This chip will work with any injector size.
  9. Sweet6

    PLX SM-AFR Wideband

    Works perfect. Maybe 1,000 miles on it. No issues upgraded ECM is reason for sale. Comes in original box and paperwork $110 shipped.
  10. Sweet6

    Jeep steering shaft

    $60 shipped. Will post pics soon.
  11. Sweet6

    New Racetronix Fuel Pressure gauge and T fitting

    Gauge is new. T fitting is used. $30 shipped.
  12. Sweet6

    Monsoon radio with AUX input and Bluetooth

    Delco Monsoon radio with Cassette and AUX plug for IPOD, etc Also have Bluetooth adaptor to play songs from your phone. Also has wiring harness for plug and play set up. Works perfect. $200 shipped.
  13. Sweet6

    50lb injectors

    Just pulled off Work perfect. Upgraded to 80s. $130 shipped.
  14. Sweet6

    Racetronix 680 Double Pumper kit complete

    Used for 3 months. Secondary pump is pretty much brand new. Just used to test it to make sure it worked. Comes complete with all wiring etc as the kit came new. $620 shipped. Will post pics later.
  15. Sweet6

    Champion irons

    set up for hydraulic cam 1500 miles $1150 shipped Will post pics soon
  16. Sweet6

    Turbo Tweak SD1 Chip 50lb/alky

    Like title says. Needs a Power Logger to run. Does WB tracking and a lot of other adjustments. Next best chip to the SD2 chip. $100 shipped
  17. Sweet6

    New Comp valve springs- Stock replacements

    980-12 for stock cam replacement. Never used. $45 shipped Will post pics later.
  18. Sweet6

    Is anybody buying for Caspers 15% off sale today?

    Coupon code is 2017
  19. Sweet6

    Chrome stock heat shield Cut for 3 inch DP

    Overall good condition. No flaking. Shine is very good. Cut for 3" DP. $130 shipped
  20. Sweet6

    Valve Spring compressor tool- Rocker style

    Will throw in the pipe that I mounted to the head too. $30 shipped