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  1. Buick From Hell

    Is your snowblower a bit gutless? Here ya go...

    A chebby 454 powered snowblower should do the trick! :)
  2. Buick From Hell

    Speaking of xmas lights--

    check these out! :eek: xmas lights!
  3. Buick From Hell

    So, ya say ya got a fast bike? (Jason Cramer's answer)

    Just had to load these videos on my server and post it up! In Jason's own words: Here's 3 video's, they're Quicktime movies, between 3 and 5 megs each... This is racing the slower bike... This is the faster bike... Best for last, racing the faster bike, FINISH line version ... :D...
  4. Buick From Hell

    HOT-AIR REGISTRY, join here!

    As requested, check it out, and join up! I just did!
  5. Buick From Hell

    My apologies

    Seems the ol' Hotair section here has been relatively devoid of any moderators lately...I'm not sure what Herb & Shawn have been up to as of late, but I've been absent lately simply due to being so damn busy! As most of you know, I produce many of the Buick items Mark Hueffman sells. To keep up...
  6. Buick From Hell

    welcome back, and new board!

    nuff said outta me! :)
  7. Buick From Hell

    Got a Kryptonite lock?

    I just copied this from the boating BB I frequent, thought it would be of interest here: ------------------------------- Apparently, the Kryptonite lock - popular security products for everything from bikes to even boats (!) is able to be unlocked with a standard 10¢ BIC pen...
  8. Buick From Hell

    2005 GTO, according to Automobile Magazine

    Rather than retype it all, I just took a pic.... 400 hp, and I love their commentary :D
  9. Buick From Hell

    Happy 21'st birthday to ME (my car, that is)

    my warrantee pamphlet... December 2nd 1983, 21 years ago today I drove home the first distributorless/sequentially fuel injected turbo regal sold in Utah. Designer series T-Type. It would've been a Grand National, but none had been delivered to Utah yet! I've often wondered how many turbo...
  10. Buick From Hell

    Raising the BS flag on a body shop, I'm pissed, need opinions

    About 3 weeks ago, my dad took our '02 Ford F-250 to a local home-improvement place. At the entrance, on either side, is a round concrete post (abutment?), about 2-1/2' in diameter and standing about 3' high. As dad was pulling in, he hit one... He hit it while turning right. I doubt he...
  11. Buick From Hell

    What's with the 512 byte maximum size for an avatar???

    I made a real simple 3 color avatar, and try as I might, 836 bytes is the absolute smallest I can get the filesize, in ANY photo format, so I can't load it up?? and some avatars I've seen are WAY bigger than the 65x65 max size too???
  12. Buick From Hell

    Buick V6 Indy cars---

    I've been posting on a boating board that I frequent that a reasonably built TR V6 would make a great boat motor... Some guy says "Don't think it would last long in a boat. When they were using the buick turbos at indy, did they ever finish a race?" Since I have no clue---did they? ;)
  13. Buick From Hell

    Back in the saddle again!

    Sure weird to be driving the old beast from hell again! Scott did a fantastic job, she runs great! Got a few things to do (like replace the busted windshield) but nothing too major... Wagondraggon, I owe you some wheelcaps! (now that I got my car back, I know how big to make 'em!) :)
  14. Buick From Hell

    The Bitch Is Back!

    It's been 3 years and oh, maybe 3 months since I parked thee Buick From Hell cuz of a knock. Torched rod bearing was the source of the knock, but it also had a blown head gasket, probably drove it like that for 20,000 miles afore the knock started... Anyway, I got it back today! Too weird...
  15. Buick From Hell

    No Wheaties for Hamm!

    Saw on the news this morning that Wheaties won't be putting his picture on any of their cereal boxes....
  16. Buick From Hell

    Anyone else getting these e-mails from "gnttype-webmaster"?

    Seems has been hijacked, or spoofed or whatever, cuz I KNOW this crap isn't actually coming from them directly! The attachment is a screen capture of the actual e-mail. This is the second one I've gotten in 2 days, the first had totally different text, otherwise it was identical...
  17. Buick From Hell

    Fwd: Fw: Pleeeeeease Read!

    3 questions: How many people have received this e-mail (shown below) in the last week? (I have) How many times? (me, about 20 bazillion) Last but not least: How many of you have received your money from Bill Gates or AOL? (umm...) ---------------------- NOW, MOST OF YOU KNOW, I...
  18. Buick From Hell

    When does open season on HACKERS start??

    I'm about totally fed up with hackers and their virus bull$#!t! This is the kind of crap I'm getting now: I find this rather fascinating, since the " team" consists of ME!! :rolleyes: I probably spend as much time deleting virus-ridden e-mails as I do reading the good...
  19. Buick From Hell

    GNX 402 dialup warning!)

    Sweet, sweet are very large, so only one for here, links for others below! pic 2 pic 3 pic 4 pic 5 pic 6 pic 7 pic 8 pic 9 pic 10 pic 11 pic 12 The above are the pics I took of the car a couple of months ago! I just received these pics from the happy owner today...
  20. Buick From Hell

    Why I don't believe everything I read:

    'nuff said! :)