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    Bolt Torque Specs
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    1985 Hot air converted to Intercooled

    /\ agree with above...
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    1985 Hot air converted to Intercooled

    Sweetblack, sent you a PM
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    Spokane WA area

    I have been down to the Cool Desert Nights in Richland a few times. m233roller (Mike Dopkins) is usually there as well. 2014- last time I was there, we had 5 GNs there all together! (my car and m233roller car at Bali hotel)
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    Happy birthday Richard Clark!

    Happy Birthday, Richard!!
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    2018 Nats, WHAT A BLAST!

    I want to say I had a great time! I met a lot of people in person that I have only known on the forum from there names. Learned a lot as well about the Buicks.
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    1985 Hot air converted to Intercooled

    There is a list of parts needed for conversion here- you will want a 86 Engine Harness if doing a complete changeover like I did... scroll down to Convert HA to IC car-
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    84 to 87

    I am dealing with the fan issue right now... If you use a 87 Engine Harness, you will have no power to the relays for the fan- because the 87 fuse block had a separate fuse for the elec. fans where the 86 used the A/C fuse. Best bet is to get the 86 harness The 84-85 A/C fuse will work as well...
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    Power steering elbow ?

    I got this one- I thought it was a different size.
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    Power steering elbow ?

    No one has done a conversion ??
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    Power steering elbow ?

    Looking for a hard line elbow that goes into steering box on my 1984 Buick Grand National (shown in pic below) for the return line. It is smaller size than the 1986-87 fitting shown in pic. Doing conversion shown in second pic, elbow I am looking for is the darker fitting on the right. A...
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    Trans line connections to Alradco radiator

    Got it figured out, Thanks guys!! and Merry Christmas!
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    Trans line connections to Alradco radiator

    I should clarify a little better, I am converting HA to inter-cooled- the steel lines in pic are the lines coming from transmission. I will probably need the fittings mentioned above- where do I get them. Thanks all, for the help... it's making sense now!
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    Trans line connections to Alradco radiator

    What size adapters are needed to fit stock steel transmission lines to Alradco aluminum radiator? I thought these were to be a direct fit...??
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    Conversion b4 & After

    I am in the process of doing the same thing...
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    RIP Charlie Frierson

    RIP Charlie! You will be missed my friend! Thanks for your info and insight the times we talked!
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    I'm Back ( From That to This)

    Looks great, Mike!! Hoping to run with you in Richland again.. hopefully next summer!!
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    New member from Vancouver BC

    Welcome aboard , Jasper! I live just below the border in the USA. Occasionally go to Mission to watch the races. There are a number of Magna members that usually show up at the Langley car show, maybe some of them are on here as well.
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    I'm Back Wrecked !!!

    Damn Mike, sorry to see that! Talk to you soon...