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  1. bpman1234

    Is this normal? Stock heads thickness vs irons

    The irons are thicker then the gn1s aluminum..normal?
  2. bpman1234

    Right arp part # for gn1 champion aluminum heads.

    These are to long
  3. bpman1234

    cam markings id

    Can anyone tell what this cam is ?
  4. bpman1234

    Right front is 1 1/2 lower then the left ??

    Yes measured my fenders and the right fender is about 1 1/2 " lower then the driver side springs?
  5. bpman1234

    Buick billet v6 center caps with or without studs..

    Hi i have a set of buick billet v6 center caps 225 shipped in the US if you want the studs too its 300 shipped in the US.thanks let me know..
  6. bpman1234

    Looking for stock rear axle .

    Yes mine is bent 87 gn right rear axle
  7. bpman1234

    Dave husek dyi kit..

    Just want to say did my first 2004r. Rebuild with daves help over the phone and won a the converter in a waffle from Fullthrottle extreme converter and i never did a tranny ....this thing is working great..thanks dave husek and Fullthrottlespeed.
  8. bpman1234

    How can you tell if your turbo is blowing oil?

    It happens after it gets warm and at idle at thr light m .
  9. bpman1234

    Chrome head light bezels?

    Dont know if 84-87are the same but need 86-87 going to paint them black anyway they seem to be harder sre last longer .
  10. bpman1234

    Volts lower with car running .

    So my volts dropped to 9.9-10 change the alternator still the same a was getting 14volts or so at the alternator andvjust a little less at the battery but between 13-14 volts.before it started acting up but the scanmaster always showed 12volts even though the alternator was putting out alittle...
  11. bpman1234

    Tci 10" 24300 converter.

    Pics. got this awhile back from a member was used but not by me .300 plus shipping.thanks for looking.
  12. bpman1234

    Looking for lockup converter.

    3200 stall
  13. bpman1234

    Lo -1st detent valve ????

    So cleaning my brf and my lo-1st detent valve( bushing) part # 332. does not slide freely in the bore .is it supposed to be tight cause i know the pib holds it in place and the valve inside #333 does slide nice .just don't want to foce anything.
  14. bpman1234

    Tr6 smoking burning up my coil packs help.

    So in the last 4 month 2 coils packs dropped the 1 and 4 cylinders this time it started burning and smoking .anyone gone through this?
  15. bpman1234

    So started to take this 200r4 apart and this is what I found so far.

    Please look at pics. What could cause this ?that plastic thrust washer all in peaces and those head bolts started to get into back of that drum.
  16. bpman1234

    120lbs injectors?

    anyone got a set ?
  17. bpman1234

    Turbo 400 question.

    Why do most of you go for rmvb ? Cant we use a bop 400 trany with a regular valve body?
  18. bpman1234

    400 pump mod question.

    how can you tell if the mod was done to a 400 tranny without taking the pump or valve body apart and looking at it need to use this tranny for now just want to make it was done.
  19. bpman1234

    atr headers.

    so when I first posted I thought they were ta after all the replies they are atr I got them awhile back so I though that's what they were. was not trying to mislead anyone .thanks for looking.950.shipped.
  20. bpman1234

    Soo loosing brake fluid where is it going ?

    Yes I am loosing brake fluid but none of my wheels are wet in the in side when I look at them sooooo where is the fluid going anyone ?I know the answer I think but need verification before I take it apart. Thanks again as always in advance.