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  1. ttypewhite

    Bunch of parts for sale

    Original front bumper supports from a low mileage 87 grand national - $90 shipped 1986 Grill $200 shipped Used Powermaster (not sure if it is good, but selling for core value) $150 shipped Complete stock headers. Crossover was modified for a old school Deltagate. Driverside header was...
  2. ttypewhite

    DLS Cam / Lifters / Waterpump / SFI flywheel / Front cover

    All prices have shipping included. If you want me to box it up and you handle your own shipping I can take$30 off most of these items. Comp 853 lifters $200 shipped Crower solid roller lifters #175 shipped Moroso oil pan for StageII motor $150 shipped JW SFI flywheel (neutral balance)...
  3. ttypewhite

    Hard top and trunk weatherstripping

    I bought the door weatherstripping 2 years ago for my car from Gbodyparts. I just recently repainted my car so I bought all the same weatherstripping again. These ones for the door are in fantastic condition (No rips or gouches). The trunk weatherstripping is brand new, never used. Asking $90...
  4. ttypewhite

    Looking for a aluminum rad

    What are the best options out there for a aluminum 4 core rad? Don't want anything that has any of the factory stuff like oil or tranny fluid going in it. Post some links to any vendors selling it.
  5. ttypewhite

    Side door window molding question

    Before I sent my car to the bodyshop to get painted, I stripped everything off the car. On a hard top car, I saw that the black trim moldings all around the window on the door had a thin foam strip of adhesive on it that was obviously compromised when I took it off. What did you guys use on...
  6. ttypewhite

    BHJ neutral balancer for sale

    I have a good BHJ balancer for sale. Bought it with a engine I picked up years ago but no longer need it because I have one of my own. Asking $350 shipped.
  7. ttypewhite

    70GTQ 4 bolt .85 exh housing and down pipe

    Asking $150 shipped.
  8. ttypewhite

    Moroso dry sump oil pan & front cover for gear drive

    As the title says. I'm selling a Moroso dry sump oil pan for a StageII motor. Asking $250. 2nd is a modified production from cover for gear drive setup. Asking $350
  9. ttypewhite

    Make over time

    It's awfully quiet around here so i'll post some update on what I am currently doing. I got the itch to make a interior change with my car. Started out with some black Recaro Vintage SE seats and some black carpet. Initially I was just going to try that along with reupholstered rear seats and...
  10. ttypewhite


    I want to say a big thank you to Brian and his staff for coming through for me on multiple occasions in the last 3 months on numerous large orders. My car is undergoing a huge transformation right now and they have been very instrumental in it. All my stuff is packed well and arrived as...
  11. ttypewhite

    Precision GEN2 PT7675 CEA Turbo for sale

    I am selling a 7675 CEA turbo from Precision off of the ol boy's Buick (Bart) info is in the sig, track pass at 29psi is in the video section of this board, mods in my sig. This turbo has a T4 - 96/AR exh housing on it and is in absolutely pristine condition with no issues. Bought this brand...
  12. ttypewhite

    Stock oil dipstick

    Looking for a stock oil dipstick and dipstick tube. Show me what you got.
  13. ttypewhite

    Here's to looking out....

    I try to support this website in any way that I can. I click on the banners to help the site generate traffic to these sponsors if that's what you call them to keep the lights on in here. I saw a clothing banner come up on here called and liked the clothing line they sell. So I...
  14. ttypewhite

    Took the ol boys GN to the track

    There was a track rental last Friday that the Dodge guys were putting on. Told my Dad about it and said lets take Bart for some passes. Tried to get a baseline pass on the hwy just to make sure the air fuel was in the ball park. It was still a little fat which I was ok with but the voltage...
  15. ttypewhite

    What is the best rear upper control arm bushings?

    I still have the original bushings in the ears of my stock rear end. It's time to change them out and replace my upper control arms at the same time. What's the best bushing that I can replace the stock one with? My car does not rattle or sqweak, I want to keep it that way.
  16. ttypewhite

    GN1 R or TA aluminum ported head flow numbers

    I am curious to see what guys have gotten out of these heads fully ported. Please post your numbers or flow sheets. Also please keep this thread on track, this is not a Champion vs TA head competition, or turn around time etc. Just raw data.
  17. ttypewhite

    Bucket seat options??

    Has anyone swapped out their bucket seats for something more comfortable that gives more support? If so, let me know what you are using, and what you did to make it work in your Buick. Pics too please. Looking for a Recaro style seat as a replacement for my factory bucket seat.
  18. ttypewhite

    Atmosphering external wastegate???

    Curious to hear the views on atmosphering your wastegate as opposed to routing it back into the downpipe. Obviously this is a question for guys with 4 bolt turbos and a external wastegate like a Tial 44mm etc. Any advantages with boost control? Back pressure? stability in boost settings...
  19. ttypewhite

    Conley Performance Plus sheet metal intake

  20. ttypewhite

    UFC 217

    Probably one of the best cards I have seen in a long time. It looks like everyone that ran their mouths got humbled. Fantastic action. 3 belt changes!!! What did you guys think?