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  1. hemi8

    why dont we defund foreign countries....

    You are making too much sense, but on a positive twist at least Trump is looking into those areas in the world where the USA is being taken advantage of and is doing something about it (WHO, NAFTA, Germany, Mexico, China). I think the reasoning for all the foreign money is so we can land and...
  2. hemi8

    Stage II picture thread- Let's see 'em!

    Nice! What oil pan are you using? Mike
  3. hemi8

    4" PST Aluminum Driveshaft for TH400

    PayPal is fine, its all boxed-up and ready to go. Mike
  4. hemi8

    4" PST Aluminum Driveshaft for TH400

    50.125" Mike
  5. hemi8

    thinking about a TR6 - coil options?

    What has to be changed on the TR6 to run the powerful IGN-1A coils? Mike
  6. hemi8

    4" PST Aluminum Driveshaft for TH400

    Please see below. Shipping depends on what zip code I am shipping to.
  7. hemi8

    Private poll (Names not shared)

    I bet the media will report Biden leading the polls right up to voting day, wasn't it beautiful when Hillary was crushed along with the media last time. Mike
  8. hemi8

    4" PST Aluminum Driveshaft for TH400

    Bump, 400.00 + shipping. Mike
  9. hemi8

    Spohn Lower Control Arms

  10. hemi8

    Spohn Lower Control Arms

    Spohn lower control arms, powder coated black, polyurethane bushings, 4k miles, new ball joint boots and sway bar end links. Excellent condition, for stock-style suspension only, not for coil-overs. 250.00, shipping cost depends on your location. Mike
  11. hemi8

    WTB TA block or Stage 2 87 GN
  12. hemi8

    NASCAR and BLM Exposed

    A non-functional noose.....really, that's called a loop, NASCAR owes us an apology, Bubba needs a different profession. Mike
  13. hemi8

    Crank Key

    Machining a second groove for another woodruff key is something I am having done for engine 2, it really bothers me installing the dampener blindly with the key hidden in the front cover. Mike
  14. hemi8

    WTB TA block or Stage 2 87 GN
  15. hemi8

    2020 GMC Syclone

    Cool, but probably out of reach.
  16. hemi8

    GN Header Panel.

    It is a steaming pile of sh$%%, it does not fit and is not like the factory unit. Junk Mike
  17. hemi8

    GN Header Panel.

    Whoever makes a quality piece will sell a whole bunch, I'm surprised Year One doesn't get off their ass and develop one, lots of G-bodies out there. Mike
  18. hemi8

    Looking for Stage 2 headers

    Design your own: Once you have the shape you want you can send the models to these guys and they can fab. them: The pass. side ATR S2 headers are crap, driver's side is fine if you can...
  19. hemi8


    Thank you, all those old posts/pics are like gold when working on these antiques, glad the site under good hands that care. Mike