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  1. 85_Daphne

    Single Serpentine Belt

    Greetings. I have an 85 HA that just got an elec fan upgrade and now im looking into wanting to have a single serpentine belt like the modern cars have. What all would I need to accomplish this? I have a fairly nice sized you pull it yard not far from home so sourcing parts will be easy. I also...
  2. 85_Daphne

    Long Shot

    I am looking for a decent cab for a 67-72 Chevrolet C10 in the midwest. I know this a Buick GN forum and I love my 85 but I'm working on a project for my wife.
  3. 85_Daphne

    Canister leak...

    Have an 85 with 66k miles, stock other than a conversion over to e85. Driven the car the first time in a few weeks yesterday and today and after the drive I noticed a puddle under my driver side front fender. Smelled the liquid sure enough it's fuel. Look under the hood, and under the canister...
  4. 85_Daphne

    Anyone ever used this?

    I was contemplating getting a WB o2 so I can monitor things better in my car and try to tune it a little more to the limit once I get my down pipe. I found this online and seems like its right up my ally didn't know if anyone has ever used this and if so with what success. Here is link...
  5. 85_Daphne

    Been asked...per say yes...but not like this

    I have been contemplating the replacement of my radiator. Its the factory original along with the rest of my car. I have been noticing that when just cruising around in the 60 degree weather so far this year, my car is running 190-200 degrees. The fluid is fresh, as I did a radiator flush last...
  6. 85_Daphne

    Scantool + Radio

    I recently started working at a automotive accessory shop, and have access to quality stereo decks. I was curious as to know if I were to get a flip up screen deck, could i interface the scanmaster into the deck so i could get all the readings on the display screen? is anything like this...
  7. 85_Daphne

    Young guns

    Wanted to start a thread for those of us who young guns. 30 years old and younger. Where ya located? What ya have? and What ever else you care to share.
  8. 85_Daphne

    down pipe

    Wanted 3" down pipe for hot air car. Not a factory piece after market only please
  9. 85_Daphne


    set of stock heads $50 + shipping. PM me with phone number or email so i can get u pics
  10. 85_Daphne


    wanted an aftermarker down pipe for an 85, mild or s.s. doesnt matter
  11. 85_Daphne

    Gauge cluster

    Please contact SGRIM.:)
  12. 85_Daphne

    custom gauge cluster

    Removed due to update
  13. 85_Daphne

    Drivers Side HA exhaust manifold

    looking for a hot air exhaust manifold for driver side and possibly pass side. thanks guys
  14. 85_Daphne

    got fuel issues

    Put a new oem replacement fuel pump in the car 2 weeks ago. Went in a parade for the town I live in last night afterwards turned the car off for a bit, went to start it back up and it sputtered then died and wouldn't restart. Checked the pressure at the rail and it says 20 psi give or take. What...
  15. 85_Daphne

    85 GN Power Seat Switch

    Looking for a power seat switch for drivers side on my 85. not having much luck finding one on the net. any help would be appreciated. thank you
  16. 85_Daphne

    window glass

    Got perfectly good window glass for sale. first $75 + shipping gets it. email me at or send a pm. theres pieces are located in Iowa. Thanks, William
  17. 85_Daphne

    1984 Regal

    i got ahold of a 1984 Buick two weeks ago or so and am parting it out. Its located in the eastern side of Iowa, about halfway between Iowa City and Davenport. I have lots of useable parts that i dont want to see sent to the crusher. Let me know what you need and we can work something out. Some...
  18. 85_Daphne

    monte carlo parts

    i may have come across a cheap 84 monte carlo and was wondering how interchangable the doors and the lower rear quarters are compared to my 84 GN are. any help that can be provided is greatly appreciated. Thanks
  19. 85_Daphne

    Poston Buick Cam

    Has anyone used the cams from Poston Buick? and if you have with what success? and i was also wondering if anyone could supply me with the stock cam specs so i can see where i want to go as far as getting a different cam. thanks
  20. 85_Daphne

    Iowa area

    I'm a young gun, and i have an all orgininal 85 HA and in the process of doing my 1st resto. on a car, its a 84 HA WH1 car. i was curious how many GN owners are in the Iowa area......i bound around the Iowa City/Coralville area alot and dont see many GN's, only one in fact. So i was just curious...