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  1. hemi8

    Spohn Lower Control Arms

    Spohn lower control arms, powder coated black, polyurethane bushings, 4k miles, new ball joint boots and sway bar end links. Excellent condition, for stock-style suspension only, not for coil-overs. 250.00, shipping cost depends on your location. Mike
  2. hemi8

    275 Twin Turbo No Expense Spared

    It just keeps getting better:
  3. hemi8

    Twin Turbo Tubbed All-Out Drag Regal

    Yikes, cool chassis:
  4. hemi8

    Tubbed Roller

    Nice for any engine:
  5. hemi8

    Twin Turbo Beast

    Holy mother of horsepower:
  6. hemi8

    Wireless Printer that works

    Any recommendations? I have a 1 year old HP OfficeJet Pro 8715 from Costco that refuses to print wirelessly, worked for a few months now I have to plug in to get it work. My philosophy with computer gear/software: if it doesn't work within the first 10 min. it will never work and you will...
  7. hemi8

    Netflix Uppity: Willy T. Ribbs Story

    What a great movie, anything Adam Corolla does I tend to really like, what a story, what a tough man. I remember seeing Willy T. on TV in the 80's winning all those Trans Am races, had no idea of all this background crap he was going through, everyone could see he was beating the crap out of...
  8. hemi8

    Stage 2 4bbl Intake Custom Plenum

    Custom intake plenum for fuel injected converted stage 2 4bbL intake. Factory throttle linkage snaps right in, designed for the GN1 72mm TB. Has multiple provisions for boost sensors, vacuum lines etc. Made by Mike Edwards. 200.00, shipping 15.00 Mike
  9. hemi8

    Fiberglass Rear Bumper & Fillers

    Fiberglass rear bumper & fiberglass rear bumper fillers, used: 235.00 shipping COD Prefer pickup, near Dulles airport in Northern VA. Mike
  10. hemi8

    Fender vent parts

    Is there a picture of the real GNX fender vent parts? Seems like there are parts missing from aftermarket sets. Was there a flexible hose which attached the vent to the weird shaped metal duct? Mike
  11. hemi8

    4" PST Aluminum Driveshaft for TH400

    0.120" x 4.0" 6061 T6 Precision Shaft Technologies driveshaft, brand new, 1350 Series U-joints on both ends, PST trans yoke. This fits a 86-87 Buick GN, 3.8L Turbo with a TH400 (with the 4" short tail extension), stock rear with a 1350 pinion yoke. I can measure anything you need. Cost me...
  12. hemi8

    Under Car Tool Cart

    Working under the car, usually tools scattered all around me, got me to thinking. Anyone recommend a roll-around tool cart, built at an angle so you can see the tools (a couple levels high) that would be low enough to pull under the car to keep tools organized? Mike
  13. hemi8

    Lo-Beams Cut off

    I have HIDs for low beams (were sold by ALRADCO), when I hit the high beams the lows cut off, is this normal? Its been so long since running the car I don't remember and I have to take it for state inspection. Mike
  14. hemi8

    Dry Sump Oil System

    Complete dry sump oil system, excellent condition only. Mike
  15. hemi8

    Stage 2 Heads

    Only consider very nice heads with thick decks, no repairs, prefer complete, ready to install. Only ones set-up for T&D rockers, not Jesel. Mike
  16. hemi8

    FAST Specific Coolant Temperature Sensor?

    So when I connect my factory coolant temperature sensor FAST XFI 2.0 reading is 45 degrees high. I know the sensor is fine because I connected my Speedhut gauge to it and it reads perfect. Does FAST have a specific coolant sensor I have to use or is there a way to implement an offset? How do...
  17. hemi8

    On-Center Stage II Engine
  18. hemi8

    S2 Milodon Gear Drive

    Looking for a new Milodon gear drive for stage 2. Mike
  19. hemi8

    Twin Turbo Stage 2

    Not mine.
  20. hemi8

    Front Speaker/Defrost Trim

    The long grey piece that covers the front speakers that cracks where the speaker grilles are, I am in need of the Torx head screws that hold it on. Mike