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  1. dennisL

    FP Regulator bad?

    I adjusted my Accfab FP regulator down (because of low BLMs) to 43 psi with the vacuum line off (engine hot by the way). When I reconnected the vacuum line, I noticed the fuel pressure only dropped 2 psi (to 41 psi). Shouldn't the pressure be 37 with the line on? If so, is my problem a bad FP...
  2. dennisL

    Here's a list of bulb numbers

    Contrary to popular belief, a list of bulb numbers is not included in the 1987 Buick Owner's Manual (I checked). Also since the Service Manual wiring diagrams don't show the numbers either, I decided to make a list. The draft version is attached. I need your help to include the digital dash...
  3. dennisL

    Purple wire in roof?

    Yesterday, I finally got around to installing a rear view mirror w/map light on my 87 T-top GN. In the center of the T-top is the orange and white wires for the rear "dome" lights but there is also a purple wire. I checked the wiring diagrams and can not identify this wire. Anybody happen to...
  4. dennisL

    PowerLogger CS Adjustment

    In the PowerLogger "Adjust Analog Input Properties" window there are 3 boxes for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th gear CS Factor. Its my understanding that these are for converter slippage but I'm not sure how to use them. What is affected after values are entered and how do I determine the values?
  5. dennisL

    Vacuum/boost line to f/p regulator

    I have an Accufab adjustable f/p regulator and just had to replace the rubber adapter from the plastic line to the barbed pipe on the regulator. It would blow off when the turbo came on! Since these things don't seal very well I was wondering if there is a better, more boost resistant way to...
  6. dennisL

    Fuel pump filter orientation

    I'm about to replace my fuel pump and I can't remember if the fuel pump filter (sock) orientation is critical. Something in the back of my mind says its important but I think all the beer has killed too many brain cells. I'm not sure I can trust looking at the old one so I'll ask the experts...
  7. dennisL

    Installing Fuel Pressure Gauge

    I just installed a fuel pressure gauge and used a "T" adapter at the end of the fuel rail for the sending unit. I removed the schrader valve before attaching the adapter, then I put the original fuel rail end cap on the end of the adapter, but now it leaks (a lot). With no schrader valve, the...
  8. dennisL

    GlowShift Guages - User Opinions Please

    Does anyone have experience with GlowShift guages? I'm thinking about getting a fuel pressure guage that would also connect to PowerLogger. The prices are very attractive but I also believe in "you get what you pay for". Are these guages an exception to the rule? Thanks, Dennis
  9. dennisL

    Fuel rail O-rings

    I'm about to replace my injectors but before I do, I want some spare O-rings for the fuel rail. As I recall, the supply and return are different sizes, right? I'm also thinking the FP Reg has one. If anyone can tell me the sizes and possibly a source, I'll buy you a beer. Thanks. Dennis
  10. dennisL

    TCC Unlock during shifts

    I was looking at the TCC Unlock during shift code, and found something odd. I'll ask my question, then explain. The question is directed to those who understand the transmission and torque converter. I sure don't. Question: Should the TCC be unlocked whenever the tranny is shifting...
  11. dennisL

    Stock chip - unused locations

    The other day, Carl I. mentioned he always wanted to look at the listing to determine which locations where not being used, so he could plug in patches. However, he just never found the time to do it. I'm thinking there might be other "chip hackers" who also could benefit from this info. So...
  12. dennisL

    Chip tuning - non PE mode

    I'm trying to tune the chip to match my car and I could use so help from anyone with experience doing a similar thing. I started with the idle and have that nailed. Smooth as glass! Next I want to get the BLMs in-line during normal driving. Right now, most indicate lean and 1 or 2 indicate...