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    Stamp Collecting

    Are any of you members an avid stamp collector? My father was. He passed away a few years ago and his collection has been boxed up in my mother's apartment since. We moved my mother to a senior living facility a few weeks ago and we now need to do something with the stamp collection...
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    Rear seats

    For sale: Bottom and back rear GN seats. Bottom is in good shape. The top edge of the seat back is torn up from years of the sun beating down on it. Cushions are in good shape. The back is certainly not show car worthy by any means, but definitely usable if you have nothing else or a...
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    Rear seat "cores"

    Anyone interested in a rear seat set (bottom and back) to use as cores for reupholstering? The back portion fabric is torn along the top but the frame and foam is good. The bottom fabric, foam and frame are all good and can be used as is. I don't want to throw them away. I figure someone...
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    Can a screenless LS1 MAF cause an HC emission failure

    I've always been able to pass NJ state emissions in the past; typically without even being close to the limits. Essentially I just pop in a TT emissions chip and I'm good to go (functional Cat, EGR, etc.). No visual checks, just the tailpipe sniffer at idle and at "high idle" which is probably...
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    3.5" LS1 MAF screen

    Anyone have a 3.5" LS1 MAF screen in good condition laying around (from a descreening perhaps)? My screen got damaged somehow and I would like to replace it w/o having to buy a whole new sensor. Thanks Mike
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    Alternative Rocker Shaft Buttons (Stock Style Setup)

    Ever have to replace the stock nylon push type rocker arm buttons (1st pic) and end up breaking half of them trying to seat them in the rocker shaft? Well that's what happened to me, and half of the ones I didn't break didn't seem to seat flush. I figured there had to be a better way that was...
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    stock intercooler fan

    $25 + shipping.
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    Stock Up-Pipe

    $15 + shipping.
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    K&N filter and AEM DryFlow filter

    Barely used AEM Dry Flow air filter for 3.5" diameter MAF pipe. See AEM writeup below. $35 + shipping. 21-2049DK - AEM , AEM DryFlow Air Filter Used K&N air filter for 3" diameter MAF pipe. 6.25" tall, 4.75" base OD, 3.5" top OD. Nice condition. $20 + shipping.
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    Anyone ever do this...bent wastegate flapper

    Happened to me last night. Rolled into it while cruising on the highway. Big backfire like kaboom and then poor boost afterward (everything else seemed OK). Felt like the poor boost/low power you get when your puck isn't sealing. Pulled the downpipe off and this is what I found. Fixing...
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    Hooker 2.5" Y-Pipe

    FREE...well almost. You pay for shipping and PayPal fees and a few bucks for me to get it to Fedex and it's yours. Of course, if you want to come by and pick it up, no payment is necessary. From the picture you can see there's a few small holes near the collector that need to be patched. If...
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    For those with vacuum and 12" front discs...

    What size master cylinder are you using? I have the LS1 front brake conversion, "stock" rear drums with the two big shoes and S10 size brake cylinder and new brass proportioning valve. I'm still not satisfied with the braking power of the car. This has only come to light fairly recently as...
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    Casper's heated O2 sensor

    Casper's heated O2 sensor harness + 3 O2 sensors. Not sure about the life of the 3 sensors but I'm throwing them in the sale anyway because they're no use to me if I sell the heated O2 harness. Installation instructions included. $55 shipped CONUS. Mike
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    Reusing Cometic head gaskets

    For those who have reused Cometic head gaskets, did you clean the Viton coating off and reapply anything before reuse? I have some used Cometics that also have a supplemental spray coat of Hylomar on them. I want to clean them up and put them away in case I ever need them in the future. Does...
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    Battery cable conduit (under crank pulley)

    See picture. Anybody have a spare one of these plastic conduits they're willing to part with? (Thanks to T Spool for the picture :)) Thanks Mike
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    stock spare tire (from 87 GN)

    $15 + shipping (or pickup if you desire to forgo the shipping cost).
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    Jet Hot 2000 coated P-header and crossover

    Jet Hot 2000 coated stock passenger side header. No cracks. Coating is still intact with no chips or flaking. $110 + shipping. Jet Hot 2000 coated stock crossover pipe. Coating is still intact with no chips or flaking. Ends are a bit ovalized, but still sealed well when I removed it...
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    Rebuilt iron cylinder heads + ARP head bolts

    $350 + shipping. Rebuilt stock iron 8445 cylinder heads including ARP head bolts. Quoted from my November 2002 Jack Merkel invoice…"Machined with 3 angle valve seats. Exhaust seat bowl area enlarged. Reconditioned intake valves. New exhaust valves. Exhaust valves undercut to enhance...
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    Exhaust Y-pipe dimensions

    Anyone know if the Y-Pipe in any of the SS exhaust systems out there (Pypes, Cotton's, etc.) for the 86-87 TBs match the Hooker Y-pipe bends, length and muffler connection centerline separation distance? My Hooker Y-pipe has rusted thru and I'd like to replace it. Everything else on my exhaust...
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    Cometics head gasket question

    Anyone ever pull apart a cometics head gasket and just run the two outer skins back-to-back for a 0.020" steel shim style gasket?