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  1. Blacky

    Big Parts List, August 2020, updated tons of used and New parts

    Okay, glad you got list be4 all is gone lol Steve c
  2. Blacky

    Big Parts List, August 2020, updated tons of used and New parts

    I sent my wish via email as you requested yesterday and again today but no reply. Check your spam folder:unsure:
  3. Blacky

    Big Parts List, August 2020, updated tons of used and New parts

    One thing I didn't see was any good condition upper door panels for a Gn
  4. Blacky

    Big Parts List, August 2020, updated tons of used and New parts

    I'll try you tonight when I get home I didn't bring that big list with me
  5. Blacky

    Upper door panels for a gn

    can you send pictures to my cell so I can Zoom in. On a 1-10 scale, what do you call them. Have you thought of price b4 shipping. Steve C
  6. Blacky

    Upper door panels for a gn

    It sounded very good hunter dog. If they're original that's what I'm really looking for since my seats and everything are still original. I'd be interested that way you can get some money back for your project. It'll be a long flat box but it is what it is. Can't wait for the pictures so I can...
  7. Blacky

    Upper door panels for a gn

    I guess it depends on the condition yours are in and if you're buying new ones where do you buy those. Why are you changing yours out they might be worn like mine from rest in my arm out the window lol thank you for your reply and let's figure it out. You can send me pictures at 440-478-4019 Steve C
  8. Blacky

    Inherited 3 Grand Nationals, looking for history and care tips.

    Were is the pictures of these 3 cars sir? Nice story regardless!.
  9. Blacky

    BUNCH of PARTS !!

    Hi Mike How bout f and do you have any upper control arm bolts. I can send you a picture of the bolts if you need it' Steve C
  10. Blacky

    Upper door panels for a gn

    Like the title say shipped to Cleveland OH. Need clean good ones please. Steve C
  11. Blacky

    Front parking lights wiring

    damn man I looked right after I sent that message and found it and sent you a message back I thought but I don't see it Yes it's here send me your email or your phone number and I can send you pictures of it I remember saying something like I found it now all we have to do is figure out a price...
  12. Blacky

    New member

    What's holding you back :unsure: Pictures don't tell the whole story, so go check it out NOW
  13. Blacky

    thanks for all the great info

    Bump up that cam too. You will still find the car Very reliable with mild upgrades as the new technology brings that old school tech up to the 21st century!! I have enjoyed my car for 28 years with upgrades and still have #'s matching drive train and old school r 22. You just have to be smart...
  14. Blacky

    Possibly need detent cable

    Yes sir, Jeff is a good member. Glws
  15. Blacky

    Possibly need detent cable

    Try fat Nat. I just got one for a friend from him?
  16. Blacky

    Replacement TV (Detent) Cable part #'s ???

    Try your local transmission shop that does 200R floors as they know the OEM one is the only one that would work and they stocked up on them. A great item to have a few of
  17. Blacky

    1987 GN with t tops

    jretrodude, I was in the same boat. I have body shops that say they can paint my car but I have to get the parts, they don't know were to look. I have made 2 road trips already for part and we don't get paid for that. As far as diminished value, I definelty believe the cars value will go...
  18. Blacky

    1987 GN with t tops

    OMG. I know how the insurance goes, slow. You'll have plenty of time to find your parts so start the search now if its not totaled. Hope you have good insurance and glad everyone is well!! Let us know how the insurance goes as I for one still has to deal with my insurance. I was able to...
  19. Blacky

    New member and possible new owner

    OMG, what a rare gem. GLWS. If you like the 87 look, that is an easy fix. All the bad you mentioned other than being a 86 just proved the car to being original!!!!