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  1. turbotroy

    Happy birthday Richard Clark!

    Happy birthday Richard, and Thanks again for taking the time today to sort out Rosie!
  2. turbotroy

    I had the best of the BEST working on Rosie today!

    Was enjoying the excellent weather for the nationals, Rosie was getting some new ported aluminum heads, and on Sunday, had two of the GURUS of Buicks both wrenching on Rosie!!! Thanks to both of you, Sir Richard Clark and Poppa Lou Czarnota!!! Rosie never felt this much love! Spoolfool...
  3. turbotroy

    Different converter?

    I went from a 3.8 with 212 cam with a 6262 bb turbo to a stroker 4.1 with a 218 and a 68-70 bb turbo. The torque converter was spec'd for the 3.8 from Full Throttle. Tail gears are still 3.42. Should this converter still work or could I do better? Car has alky and been built by the Best. Thanks...
  4. turbotroy

    Hard cold start maf@ 9 key on engine off

    Hey All, Happy New Year! Am working in North Carolina for the next few years so I brought Rosie out from Tucson, as there's 4 drag strips within an hour of me. Anyway, car starts and runs fine coming off the trailer. Today at about 25 degrees, she would start and die, maybe backfire as she...
  5. turbotroy

    Putting my Buicks up for a long nap

    Hey all! I'm going on tour again for work, and I have to leave my cars for a while, maybe a few years. I'm a Pipefitter that builds America, bought a house and garages for my 3 TR's, but ran out of work in AZ, so got to hit the road to pay for it all. My questions are how to preserve my cars so...
  6. turbotroy

    Hey SW Brothers and Sisters, I'm back!!

    Hey All, I'm Troy. When I first got back into TR's, in 2012, I was living in Casa Grande working at Intel as a pipefitter. I've been on tour building pharmaceutical plants in the SE zone since. As of this Monday, I'm back in the SW zone in Tucson, possibly permanently if this job works out...
  7. turbotroy

    Whats wrong with it now???

    Hey All! I took my black 87 out for a ride around the block yesterday and stopped and talked with some neighbors. Car was running good and I put it in park while we were talking and all of a sudden the idle starts getting really erratic and the ses light is flashing, the gauges are flashing on...
  8. turbotroy

    Turbo Lou is the MAN!!!

    This feedback is about 4 years late, as I'm a pipefitter that works all over the country (building America, baby) and he built and installed this engine for me in '12 I think. Wasn't able to play with the car being on the road, so finally sent it to Richard Clarks Garage to finish it. Well, his...
  9. turbotroy

    Richard Clarks Garage A+++

    Brought the car to RC's in February to have them finish the car. I had been collecting parts for a few years but working 6/7 days a week I never had time to do anything to the car. Turbo Lou built the engine that is in it but I'd only put a few 100 miles on it. Pete redid my doors...
  10. turbotroy

    What is the "proper" way to r and r rear wheel cylinders?

    I've been a mechanic for most of my life, and I guess I have never dealt with this- until today. What is the preferred method of changing out wheel cylinders? I'm sure it wasn't the way I got it out, and then trying to get the retainer back in. This will tell my age, but I miss the 2 bolts that...
  11. turbotroy

    Brand New Enclosed Car Trailer

    Just bought myself an enclosed 24' car trailer with tool boxes, overhead cabinets premium lights, inside and out. My question is, who is the best to go with to insure it? I'm a pipefitter that works all over the country, and got tired of at least not having a few of my Buicks with me. My...
  12. turbotroy

    Need a Speed sensor for ECM -Jags That Run 2PRS or Painless 60115

    Hi All, putting a different dash in my car and I have a gps sensor to run the speedo, but I need one to run the ecm. It has to be a 2 pulse sensor to talk to the ecm. The sensors I've found are: Jags That Run JTR-2prs. Nook and Tranny doesn't list a part # but it's the 2 pulse sensor Painless...
  13. turbotroy

    Paint for bumper strips?

    What is the best paint that you can use for the rubber bumper strips? Now that my Turbo T is painted, those strips look BAD. TIA and Cheers!
  14. turbotroy

    Am thinking about a TTA

    Hi All, I'm thinking about a TTA to add to the corral. What's the situation about aftermarket parts for these animals? How much GN stuff works? Do I need my own machine shop? Thanks and Cheers!
  15. turbotroy

    Help! Need a header panel. driving from Ga. to Pa. this weekend.

    Hi All. I know this isn't the most appropriate place for this, but it seems general buick tech and the lounge seems to have the most traffic. I need a header panel for my 87 and if one of ya has one in good shape for sale, I'd like to know about it. I'm coming from Augusta, Ga, and driving to...
  16. turbotroy

    GN vs. Turbo T seats

    Hey All, Happy New Year! My question is: Is there any difference between GN seats and Turbo T seats, except for the color, of course? Cheers!
  17. turbotroy

    Milkshake in Powermaster??? WTF??

    I went to start my red car,that's in my sig, and I noticed the driver side of the master cylinder appeared to have brake fluid in it, but the passenger side appeared empty. After pumping the PM 10 times and popping the cap, on the "passenger" side of the master cylinder, it looked like someone...
  18. turbotroy

    Which way to go???

    Hey All, My 87 GN clone lost something in the trans the other day, so off to the trans shop it goes. The guy says he has built several 200r4's, and a few of them for GN's but a lot more for hotrod transplants and stuff. Anyways, I have compression in the 150-160 lb range, but I've noticed if I...
  19. turbotroy

    What's wrong with it now?

    I posted about this in the "general" section without thinking about the trans section. I was coming home from work and hit it up this small hill, and the red light comes on for knock. I let off immediately, and when I touch the gas again, another red light on the knock gauge. I let off...
  20. turbotroy

    Help! Need a transmission shop in North Augusta, SC.

    Hey All, title says it all. Was coming home from work and boosted it a lil coming up a hill and with no warning knock gauge went red so got out of it. Went back to green so barely hit the gas again and red came back on. It was making a grinding sound but then stopped, so I eased her the rest of...