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    1986 TType Driver Side Power Seat switch needed

    Looking for the power seat switch for my driver side seat in my 1986 TType. Is a 7 pin switch. Anyone have one? Joe
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    New 3 Bolt .85 ex housing for 70MM Turbo

    Brand new from Precision Turbo. 70MM Exhaust housing High Temp Coated. .85AR 3 bolt . $275 Shipped ....Paypal accepted as gift or add 5%
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    For Sale: UMI Shock Tower Brace New in Box-Color Black

    Purchased from GNS Performance-New never installed-$100 shipped Lower 48 States only...Paypal as gift or add 5%. 1978-1988 GM G-Body Rear Shock Tower Brace, Bolt In This 100% jig built, bolt-in brace ties the rear upper shock mounts together to share the load and stiffen the chassis. Strong...
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    Cometic Oil Pan Gasket-14 bolt version - part number needed if available

    Does Cometic offer a 14 bolt oil pan version?? anyone have a part number if so???? I see thye have a 20 bolt version p/n C5700-094
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    Modded ECM by Bob Bailey for sale

    I have a Modded ECM form Bob Bailey for Sale. This will allow you to run High or Low Z injectors. $175 Shipped. Located in Chicagoland Area Paypal accepted as gift or add 5% Joe
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    Wanted-Complete Rear Tail Lights or just Tail lights Bezels in VGC

    Looking for a Nice set of rear tail lights bezels in black for my 86TType. I would consider buying the entire tail light assembly if its in very nice condition. If you have a Driver rear tail light bezel only in black that would be of interest as well. I'm located in Chicagoland Area Joe...
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    Stock TType 15x7 wheel fitment with Aerospace Front Disc Brakes

    I have Aerospace front/rear disc brakes on my TType and want to know if a stock TType wheel will fit without issues. Does anypne run these brakes with stock TType wheels? Concerned that Caliper will not clear the inside of the wheels. The TType wheels are stock size 15x7 Looking to have a...
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    Buick Motorosport Outside stickers

    Looking for the vendor who has these for sale?? anyone know who has them?? I need (5) Joe
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    Eaton Tru Trac anyone running one? How do you like it?

    Thinking of changing my worn out 30 spline 10 bolt 8.5 Eaton clutch Posi ( needs rebuilding) with a Eaton Tru Trac setup. Looking for real world reviews from people who are running this Eaton Tru Trac in their Turbo car My car is Street/Strip with 600+HP. 30 Spline axles and running MH Drag...
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    Eaton GM 8.5 10 bolt Posi Rebuild ?? What Clutch Disc sets to use?

    Have a 10 yr old Eaton 10 bolt posi I',m looking into rebuilding. Per Eaton Tech there are (3) different sets of clutch packs that they offer for this service of the Posi 1. P/N 29-426-00S 14 Pack Carbon Composite Disc set $150 2. P/N 29-403-00S 18 Pack Steel Disc Set $133...
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    WTB Very Good Condition 86/87 GN Belt Tensioner

    Looking for a Good GM Belt Tensioner for 86/87 GN Let me know what you have. Im located in Chicagoland Area JM send pics to :
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    Help-Intermittent Electrical Gremlin!!

    I'm having intermittent problem with my Fuel Pump prime circuit. I can go to start car and turn Key to on position and can here the fuel pumps prime for 2-3 seconds and go to start the car and no problem..fires right up. I can then turn the key off wait 2 mins or more ( like getting gas) and it...
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    Help identify this connector

    What is this connector for and the wiring diagrahm?? I searched the board with no luck. Anyone??? It's located under the dash by behind the vent below the steering wheel-once the cover is removed you see the underside of the steering column. I'm trying to figure what these wires are for as Im...
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    Buick ECM Evolution!

    Saw this on Facebook ! :)
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    V6 Engine Cradle

    Anyone have a Buick V6 Engine cradle they are looking to sell? Cruz Performance is out of stock and I need one ASAP. I'm located in the Chicago-land Area. So if any local guys have one I'd be happy to buy if your selling or rent it for a week or so, that way I can get my motor stripped down...
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    Contact information for Paul Castle

    Anyone know the best way to contact Paul Castle?
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    WTB-Stage 2 Oil pump pickup tube assembly

    Looking for an complete Oil pump pickup tube setup for Stage 2 block that will work with RJC 14 bolt pan. JM
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    Virgin Stage 2 Off Center 3.8 25500012 Block Prep Guide

    Anyone have a guide to suggested block prep for a Virgin Stage2 3.8 Block with Billet Caps ( all 4) which means BBC rear seal. This is a virgin block in cosmoline that will need full prep and just want to provdie accurate prep info for the machine shop if this proiject moves forward. Any...
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    WTB TA Aluminum Block-Off center

    Anyone bailing on a project?? I'm looking for a TA aluminum block 3.8 or 4.0 (Off Center) TA does not have stock at this time. Will have some in stock Feb time frame. Let me know what you have. Thanks Located in IL
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    Deep Aluminum Trans Pan 2004R

    Deep Aluminum Trans Pan 2004R has magnetic drain plug and pan bolts. Very nice..... $175 shipped. Payapl accepted as gift or add 4% Located in Chicago land Area email: